Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can! We Did, and We Will!

The outcome of the presidential election was not shocking, only given the fact that this has been the projected outcome for so many weeks... As I watched McCain concede to Obama last night I don't know that it really occurred to me the enormity of what had just happened. I think it was when Obama gave his speech that it started to settle in, because I still don't completely think I am there. I don't know that I've ever given much thought to race ~ only because my own unique situation. We all think we're unique, right? :-)

I am half white and half black. I was adopted by a white family. I have been raised by white people, and fortunate for me, they never focused on race. In our home, it was not an issue. I think it became evident to me when I went to Roosevelt Elementary. I did not fit in with the white kids - and I did not fit in with the black kids. I was too poor, too proper, my skin too light, my hair to nappy - then my hair too straight and long. In high school I attended a predominately white school (only fitting since I had for the majority of my education) so by default most of my friends were white. Still not fitting in - too poor. Not that I ever did without anything, but I by no means had everything. In college, I joined a black sorority. Lucky for me, these women had a reputation for having long hair and light skin. Looks - I fit right in, personality - still accused of 'acting white'. As I think about all of these things, it is funny how my life has evolved - and that I am marrying a white man. Italian, if you ask him :-)

I don't know if I ever given any thought to whether or not we would have a black president during my existence; I guess I felt it only inevitable sooner or later. I cannot deny the pride that I felt last night as Obama made his acceptance speech - more than being African-American I am proud to live in a country where this is not only a possibility, but a reality! We've made great strides in this country and I am sure that the best has yet to come.

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  1. Wow, what a great post! I am so encouraged by the election results. I hate to admit that I haven't been proud of our country for a long time and I am now. I can travel internationally with my head held high to say, yes, I'm an American. I have to admit I was worried that we would not do the right thing as a country, for all the wrong reasons. And now I have a sense of hope and ecouragement I have not had in a long time.

    Although I never thought about your ethnicity, I would never have guessed that you are half black. I would have guessed Greek or Italian. People never guess my background either - half Portuguese, 1/4 Sicilian and 1/4 Scotch-Irish. WOWZA! LOL.