Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Well Sorted Plan

It can still be good, though, right? In the last blog I mentioned how John and I have decided to set forth and look for a new home together! As exciting as this is, it appears it is going to be a lot of work. When I moved into this house 1) it was just me and 2) I was moving in from a 700 square foot apartment and 3) I have the tendency to make some impulsive decisions at times so it really didn't take very long to get stuff done.

In 2005 I wanted to buy a house - I made an offer on ONE that I had seen (I had only seen ONE) and only when that deal did not work out I was forced to spend a Saturday with a realtor and picked another one that day. Not a big deal. This move, however, is going to be very, very different. 1) There are 2 people involved 2) We are trying to move roughly 1200 square feet into (with any luck 2500 square feet) and 3) my husband, God knows I love him, is extremely anal rententive. This is a good quality, I supposed, because it may provide some balance to my impulsive side.

We rented a storage unit yesterday - and I won't tell you how long that took - nor the discussion that transpired over what kind of lock was going to be used on the storage unit... At about 2 yesterday afternoon I received a spreadsheet with a list of.... "MLS Number, Who Recommended the Home, List Price, Address, School District, Pros, Cons..." Are you getting the picture here? I love, love, love the hubs, but he truly believes that a spreadsheet is the answer to everything!

Needless to say - I will try to enjoy this ride - and probably what keeps me sane is the idea that once completed, I will have my very own room for sewing and yarn storage. As I was packing up my yarn two nights ago (people who view the house may consider my yarn clutter --- we won't hold their ignorance against them) I promised my yarn that after it was forced to stay in a storage place in a rubbermaid tub (we at least sprang for climate controlled; John does not want me to have to replace all of my yarn) I would provide a proper, more deserved home for it the next time I unpack it. Here are some stash photos... Doesn't it look sad??

Funny thing... I only purchased on 32-gallon tub... When I came home John said, "You know that isn't going to fit, you may as well turn around, go back to Target and buy another tub. Why would you think all of that would fit??" Hehehe... I love him, yes I do!

Have a great day folks... Tomorrow... I will carry the Meme torch passed by Taryn.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Adventures in the Saltsman Home

John and I have spoken, joked, hinted around on numerous occasions that maybe we should be in the market for a new home. While we realize this may not be the 'ideal' time to buy a home, we are both still gainfully employed (knocking on wood), and John's job seems to have something that resembles stability.

Currently we are living in my first home - my starter home - a home definitely made for one person, not two. I love this house - it was my first introduction into the adult world, and the first substantial thing that I purchased that was not a mistake :-) My little starter house is 1127 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. It's so cute! Unfortunately, I think John and I are outgrowing this house - and with any luck, we'll be growing our family next year. We joke that we can stay in this house until someone else needs to use the restroom - but we risk a potential homicide occuring in this house if we do not choose to part with it.

I mentioned that John and I have discussed this before - where I am quite sure he dismissed me and went about his daily business. Well - Grant (John's buddy at work) and John went to lunch on Friday - and Grant says, "John, this really is a great time to buy a house... blah... blah... blah..." I can hear the conversation now. Saturday morning John casually saunters up to me, "So, honey, Grant and I were talking yesterday at lunch and I think it would be a great time for us to start looking for a new home..." You could just see the little glimmer in his eye as he made his very proud statement, that I am sure he still thinks that he came up with... Whatever! You have to pick and choose your battles in a marriage and the realtor is coming this week. We're preapproved for a new home... And we'll see what happens.

While I may not get to shout, "H-E-L-L-O, that's what I have been saying..." or "Do you ever listen to me..." I do get to look for new homes. I've won this one, even if I don't get to brag about it - to him...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shop Updates!

I received an order of Erin McMorris' new fabric today! So far these have been added... More to come tomorrow!

Buy yours today!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday! Would Anyone Like Some Freezer Paper?

Happy Friday! We have made it through another week together... And I think I have managed to blog every single day! Not always substantial, but hey, I showed up! I will be doing a special post on Mother's Day - yay! This morning I seem to be very excited, not sure why - but I woke up with the song in my head, "Let's Get It Started..." by the Black Eyed Peas. It quickly brought me back to the days of Jazzercise... Ahh, I digress!

I have loads of sewing planned for the weekend, may catch a movie with the hubs, and I am scheduled to volunteer with the Sand Springs Community Services tomorrow. The mail carriers are having a food drive and we will be weighing in and documenting food deliveries! I'm going to take some knitting in case the traffic is not constant.

The other day I was reading the blog A Peace of Presley, and she made some awesome freezer paper stencils. I googled it and decided that it would be a fun project for all of the impending babies in my life - oh and those that are currently in existence. Yesterday, on my afternoon trip to Wal-Mart, I picked up fabric paint, freezer paper, and loads of onsies! This is what I made last night...

And I plan to make a lot more this weekend, right after I have John cut out my stencils. He's a perfectionist (worse than me) and he'll do a much better job at cutting them out. I just want to prep the onsies and paint! I was telling my girlfriend, Sarah, about my new project and she asked me if I ever do... housework! Of course I do - but I am investigating hiring a housekeeper - only twice a month, though, to do things I don't enjoy.

Oh, and I can't forget your daily dose of RoseKnits! This is another "Large Fortune Cookie" that was posted in the shop today! I love the colors together... It's just HOT!

Hope you guys have a Happy Friday!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Morning...

Some posies to start your day, perhaps...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bloggin' Late Night

Ok, you may be laughing at the title... To imply that late night is 9:53 PM, but let's face it, for the working adult, that is seriously late night! Especially when you are due at work at 7:00 AM the following morning!

The fortune cookies you see below are not just any fortune cookie... They are the LARGER version of the fortune cookies. These cookies are 10" tall - perfect for the sock knitter in your life, or anyone else who enjoys smaller projects! They are cute, right?

What is your idea of a 'perfect' knitting or project bag? I love feedback!


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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Which Fruit Are You?

Ok, I may just have an odd sense of humor, but when a coworker brought this fabric to my attention, I could not help myself! It is not the typical designer fabric that I usually use... But, in my opinion, this perfectly represents most female perception of body parts! I especially love the little lady with the 'tramp stamp' on her lower back (not knocking tramp stamps, I have one myself!)

You can find this little dandy in my shop! Enjoy!!

Saltsman Shipping Center Open for Business

If you were to walk into my kitchen right now you may mistake it for a low budget Kinko's :-) It is that time of the year - well, we actually have this situation several times of year... Anytime there is an occasion where gifts could possibly be involved it gets crazy in this house. We are trying to finalize packages to be shipped to Detroit, New York City, one local package, and several local envelopes.

Only a few more days until Mother's Day!!! We'll have a history lesson on that tomorrow!!



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Monday, May 4, 2009

RoseKnits - Weekend Updates

You can find this...


and this...


How to Pimp Your Husband - Unintentionally, Of Course!

Hello Everyone! It's been awhile since I blogged... This week I am going to make an attempt to go 5 for 5. We'll see how that works out...

This weekend I spent time doing something that I'd not done in awhile. On Saturday while it was a rainy mess here (I promise it rained 12 hours on Friday - and Saturday morning John was still insisting that he was going to play golf <-- he did not... I digress, back to me!) since it was a rainy mess... I did what any girl would do. I went for a morning facial and then trotted off to Starbuck's and Loops to settle in for some knitting... When I say settle in, I mean it! I stayed at Loops from 11 AM - 3 PM. It was SO MUCH FUN! I thought, why have I not done this in so long? I made some pretty good progress on my pleated neck t. With any luck and a few lazy evenings that should be finished this week! I've not tried it on - so I hope that it all works out ok.

To the topic, though. How to pimp your husband! In case John sees this, I say this lovingly and with a bit of humor. By writing this, I am totally risking John never helping me untangle another ball of yarn - again - ever! He may not want people to know of his secret untangling powers...

Last week I was chatting along with RobinM. She was telling me about all of the goodies that she purchased at Stitches South (I'm not jealous) and she purchased a skein of ribbon yarn that just kind of blew up when she opened it. Ribbon yarn is slick and tension must be maintained while winding it... It seems like it would be really cool to use - but a mess to wind up. It has to be hand wound.

So I started bragging about how wonderful John is at untangling yarn and how he always keeps a lot of my yarn clear of the trash can. I offered Johns services to her... Totally pimped him out! Well, Robin, being thoughtful as she is, included some lovely fabric in the box of yarn (the fabric was clearly for me). Definition of pimping: offering someone elses services for personal gain. So, you can see I pimped the hubs.

Let us remember, though, that Robin is thoughtful... When John's golf surprise arrived Saturday morning he untangled the yarn with enthusiasm I have never quite seen while untangling yarn (note to self: keep golf rewards on hand when faced with tangled yarn). Needless to say - yarn is all untangled and will go in the mail on Tuesday back to the rightful owner!

Here is a quick pic of the fabric that Robin sent (thank you!!) and the pattern that I plan to use with said fabric.

Hope you guys have a Happy Monday and I look forward to talking more tomorrow...