Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am not much for blogging lately because I cannot think of anything profound or smart to say ~ imagine that! So we are just going to freestyle here. From my head to fingers - this is for you!

I seem to be a bit obsessed with my current employment predicament, because although I've not been able to plan much in life, my education and job security has been something that I've had a pretty good handle on. I'm a busy body - ask anyone who knows me - and the thought that my future may not be as busy is exciting and very, very scary all in the same.

I often joke with my husband about taking a break or become a kept woman... Stay at home wife - that is my calling! Yet I find myself day in and day out searching for whatever it is that the future may hold for me. I have endless ideas that are constantly racing through my head. Sew full-time? Stay at home mom? HR Professional? LPC, maybe? Pursue the doctoral degree that I've been talking about for 5 years? I just don't know. As my parents would say, the answers will come. In the meantime, that does not stop me from searching for them.

I have been sewing like mad, which is a nice distraction from everything. There will be another shop update tonight (adding 5 large fortune cookies) so if you are in the neighborhood and want to stop by, please do. You are always welcome!

Friday, June 19, 2009

TGIF & Update!

It has been a few weeks since I have taken this seat at the computer with the intentions of writing anything, although it has been on my mind quite a bit!

I guess we'll start with the fact that it is Friday... And Friday has become my favorite day because after 8 hours at work, on most weekends, I am able to have some quiet time to sew and knit! I have just about 20 yards of fabric laundered and folded waiting to be made into something great! Initially, I thought surely I would only make bags for the shop... but after reading a post by Miss Carrie, I may just make myself a simple skirt or something :-D

On the job front, I guess it is ok to say now, I will officially be joining the ranks of the unemployed in the next few months. I've been processing this information for a few weeks now, and I seem to be ok with it. I am sure that other emotions will flow as the time draws near, but for now, it is ok. I am browsing around for a new job - although I tease join almost on a daily basis that I am going to become a kept woman and that this is it for me! If you know me, you know I am an extreme busy body, and that would likely never happen... But dreaming is fun. The most sad or difficult part of all of this is watching so many people that have worked at this site for so long and wondering how they are going to make it and what they are going to do. Everybody doesn't have a 'John' at home, so it worries me. More to come on this...

RoseKnits has had a very exciting month ~ I think in the first two weeks of June I had more sales than I have ever had in an entire month! That encourages me to sew, sew, sew! I am also busily preparing for Fiber Christmas which is July 24 - July 25 in Kellyville, OK. If you are around during that time, you should surely check it out!

I leave you with a photo of my dear daddy, Dennis! My step-sister, Catrina, wrote a very nice blog post if you want to check him out! She shares some nice tidbits about him, including his love of denim overalls!

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reasons Why John is the Best Husband Ever!

Well, maybe he is not the best husband for you, but he certainly is for me! He knocks my socks off all of the time! Tonight, though, was a first for us... John always says that he is really proud of the sewing and RoseKnits and all of that good stuff :-D that is, of course, what husbands are supposed to say...

This July, in good 'ole Kelleyville, Oklahoma the third annual Fiber Christmas will be held ( I'm really nervous because the date is fast approaching, and like everything else in life, I don't want it to creep up on me! My 'goal' is to make 100 items to take to Fiber Christmas. I keep telling John that cutting fabric, ironing interfacing, etc. all takes time. Something I will surely have less of in the near future ~ so I really want to get crackin'! After dinner I asked him to iron on interfacing for, oh, 20 box bags... He did it!!! And after that, he turned about 10 handles or so... (I should have taken photos of this event - drats!)

I think he secretly enjoyed it so I promised him more fabric fun this weekend where we are going to have a sew-a-rama at our house! And this, folks, is the reason for today why he's the best husband ever!

Monday, June 1, 2009

We're Still Alive, I Promise!

It has been awhile since I have taken a seat to talk to you from blogger land... Here goes nothin'!

I suspect that you all thought that John and I killed each other in an effort to prepare our house for sale. We did not. The things that have been transpiring in the Saltsman household are much, much more interesting than death!

I only wish I could tell you the details of what has been going on; but I cannot. Maybe a little later, we'll have to see how it all unfolds!

An update, nonetheless. We listed our house last Wednesday only to remove it from the market Thursday evening. I am excited to report that TWO people viewed our house on Thursday and a few others drove by this past Saturday searching for a 'For Sale' sign only to find nothing. We've dug St. Joseph out of the front yard and placed him in the kitchen ~ in hopes of using him in the future. Yesterday, my dad took us to breakfast and brought his truck so we could make two grueling trips from mini-storage to our house. Our garage looks much like it used to, only cluttered with boxes of stuff rather than the stuff. I plan to bring those back into the house one at a time in hopes of getting rid of some of the stuff.

The yarn, well, it never made it to the garage... It went right back to the room that it was packed from, but did manage to find some new shelves that hubby installed Saturday night. That room has the appearance of being a bit more tidy and organized.

In the near future John and I are looking at some changes in both of our lives, and YES, we will be making the changes together vs. apart just in case some of you were thinking the worse!

So we are alive, well, and plugging onward! Hope to have more updates for you soon!