Friday, October 31, 2008

Thank You, From Annie and her Absent Partner

The wedding is now 29 days away and I constantly find myself making lists in my head of things that John and I (it is OUR wedding, after all) can accomplish prior to the wedding. My wedding shower was last weekend - and it was fabulous!! John and I received many wonderful gifts! I try to be etiquette conscious as often as possible so I am trying desperately to send thank-you's within the suggested two week time frame. And, please don't misunderstand any of this, I do want to make sure that everyone knows how incredibly appreciative we are for just plain 'ole having their support - gifts aside.

On Wednesday John said that he wanted to 'help' is there 'anything that he can do?' to which I responded, "Why, yes, dear - please help me write some thank-you notes. Especially since many of the gifts are from your family whom I have never met. It may mean more if you wrote them..." Well, people, here's what John said, "Those gifts were addressed to YOU, not me. It was your shower, not mine. I am not going to write any thank you notes." Yes, as you can imagine my mouth did drop to the floor when he suggested the dishes, the mixer, the sheets, gift cards -- everything, mine! Most women would enjoy receiving everything all for themselves, I'm sure - the only problem is, he uses the stuff as often as I do. Here I was thinking that they are 'our' things...

So, in humor I wrote a thank you card today... It read, "Dear John & Margaret, Thank you so much for the t-shirt, yarn, and sheets. I will really enjoy using them! John actually indicated that these are MY sheets... That I received at MY shower, for which he has no responsibility to help say, 'thank you.' So, until I can figure out how to configure them on the bed so that only I use them (because they are MINE), John is sleeping in the guest room. You never know, he may feel inclined to pick up a pen before long. Or, I could always change the sheets. But, why? These are so comfy, I, may use them all the time!" All of my love, Annie

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Certifiably A.D.D

Yesterday I attended an Excel - Advanced class. When Vonchelle worked with me I had no need for such skills because she is a super user, but since her departure I have been left to my own devices, which isn't much. I have actually been sending my work to John, communicating my needs, and then he would promptly return to me! That was only going to last for so long seeing as though he has his own work to do -- AS IF!

It occurred to me during the class that I really only have the attention span of a fly - or that I am certifiably ADD. At any given time of the day I am thinking of what I did, what I need to do, and for five focused minutes here and there I think of what is actually in front of me and needs to be done pronto. I think my inability to pay attention and focus is represented in other aspects of life too. I have 4, yes, 4 knitting projects on my coffee table (28Thirty, Scabbard, Wedding Shrug, and Nati) all begging for my attention! I have probably 2 additional projects in my bag and 2 more in my basket :-) I have a list of wedding items to be done - and I still insist on making plans for the weekend... Oh, and then there's work. 35 items on my pending list --- all to be completed by November 26; right!

I like to think of myself as a productive person, but really, how can I ever get anything accomplished. Since I feel this way about myself, it's a bit alarming when my boss says that I "exceed expectations" -- how can I exceed anything when I can't finish?? I am great at starting, maybe not so great at finishing. I can only finish when under pressure. And more importantly, what does this say about me? Uggg! I'm going to commit this weekend to not starting anything new, crossing off of my 'to-do' list, and maybe finishing a few items.

I'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have my workout partner back!

Almost two years ago I joined St. John's Health Club thanks to the encouragement of a friend. I have found in my adult life that is often difficult to find extra time to catch up with friends on somewhat of a regular basis so it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to visit regularly while staying healthy... Or just maintain some sort of a balance between all of the junk food that I often find myself eating :-)

Well, that worked really well until this past January where I kind of fell off the face of workout earth. After that happened Andra abandoned me to join a gym much closer to her home (I guess I abandoned her first), and once I was to a point where I wanted to return to the gym, the accountability to drag ass out of bed at 5:00 a.m. to go work out along seemed to be nonexistent.

In September Andra and I decided to go to boot camp together ~ and this morning, she made an announcement. Andra said that she will continue to schlep across Tulsa at the wee hours of the morning on M - W - F... Just to work out with me! I have to say, this is the best news regarding workouts that I have had in awhile. As I left the gym this morning I felt a renewed commitment to catching up with my friend every M - W - F, and the bonus is I get to be a bit healthier while doing it! Many thanks to Mrs. Nelson!!

Wedding Updates: I have completed 75% of the shrug for my wedding! Plan to bind off tomorrow - then have to pick up stitches around the neck! It's beautiful - will post pics soon! I also had a fabulous wedding shower last Sunday. It was hosted by my dear friends Angie, Brooke, Caroline, Jessica and Vonchelle. If you know me well, you know it takes at least this many to keep me in line! I was honestly overwhelmed with all of the love and support that I felt during the shower. It really hits you when so many take time out of their weekend to mix and mingle. I am currently work on proper 'thank - you's' but in the interim, thank you to everyone who was there, and to those who I know were there in spirit. John and I are appreciative of the support :-) XOXO

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Knitting, Better than a Sorority

So, I've been knitting for a little over a year now... And joined Ravelry shortly thereafter. It seems as though in the past few months I've come out of my shell a bit on Ravelry and I've started to participate in groups, post comments, and interact with other members. Ravelry and knitting are exactly like a sorority, only better!

I was in a sorority in college - and while at the time it was ok - it doesn't seem to meet my needs as an adult. I have tried a few times to stay active within the sorority's graduate chapter, but I can never quite make the full commitment. Knitting, though, well the only thing I'm committed to more than knitting is probably John :-)

I love all of the yarn, fibers, new techniques, and patterns. Knitting provides an endless world of exploration and an even larger group of friends with whom you have something in common. Knitting is pleasant - and the people who enjoy it, friendly. It's amazing how when I have a question about a project that someone else has already completed how excitedly and how quickly they respond.

So, thanks to knitting, thanks to Loops for being so fantastic and making knitting seem interesting, thanks to Ravelry for creating an amazing network, and thank you to everyone who knits and shares :-)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Welcome, Miss Ella Thummel!!

Today, folks, we are welcoming Miss Ella Thummel into the world! She was born to Sarah and Bill Thummel. They've been anxiously anticipating her arrival and the wonderful opportunity to be parents! John and I have not had the opportunity to meet her yet, but hope to get to the hospital tomorrow. I made her a little blankie --- I sure hope that she likes it!

Tonight John and I are just lounging around... I feel like I am swamped at work lately, so much so that I brought my laptop home this weekend! I should be doing work - but tonight, I'm going to be selfish and do things that I want to do! I'm hoping to sew a bit more and get some items for my Etsy shop that is in the making... But with everything going on I am lacking on time. The wedding is officially 8 weeks ago - shower invitations are out, and we've started receiving gifts. With gifts come 'thank you' notes :-) It is difficult to write 'thank you's' to someone you've never met. I try to let a little of my personality out in the note - but I am secretly afraid they'll think I'm a dork and take it the wrong way! Ohwell, such as life :-)
Next week I start sewing class with Von. I've made her a small book for her 'pins and needles.' I definitely want her going to class in style! I've added photos, but clearly have not mastered this technique because they are scattered about the page.

John and I have also start dance class -- Friday evenings. That's a long road for sure. I think next week I'm going to try a glass of wine before class.

Maybe more tomorrow... Oh, here's Scabbard after a soak. I really should finish the sleeves...