Friday, October 31, 2008

Thank You, From Annie and her Absent Partner

The wedding is now 29 days away and I constantly find myself making lists in my head of things that John and I (it is OUR wedding, after all) can accomplish prior to the wedding. My wedding shower was last weekend - and it was fabulous!! John and I received many wonderful gifts! I try to be etiquette conscious as often as possible so I am trying desperately to send thank-you's within the suggested two week time frame. And, please don't misunderstand any of this, I do want to make sure that everyone knows how incredibly appreciative we are for just plain 'ole having their support - gifts aside.

On Wednesday John said that he wanted to 'help' is there 'anything that he can do?' to which I responded, "Why, yes, dear - please help me write some thank-you notes. Especially since many of the gifts are from your family whom I have never met. It may mean more if you wrote them..." Well, people, here's what John said, "Those gifts were addressed to YOU, not me. It was your shower, not mine. I am not going to write any thank you notes." Yes, as you can imagine my mouth did drop to the floor when he suggested the dishes, the mixer, the sheets, gift cards -- everything, mine! Most women would enjoy receiving everything all for themselves, I'm sure - the only problem is, he uses the stuff as often as I do. Here I was thinking that they are 'our' things...

So, in humor I wrote a thank you card today... It read, "Dear John & Margaret, Thank you so much for the t-shirt, yarn, and sheets. I will really enjoy using them! John actually indicated that these are MY sheets... That I received at MY shower, for which he has no responsibility to help say, 'thank you.' So, until I can figure out how to configure them on the bed so that only I use them (because they are MINE), John is sleeping in the guest room. You never know, he may feel inclined to pick up a pen before long. Or, I could always change the sheets. But, why? These are so comfy, I, may use them all the time!" All of my love, Annie


  1. Yikes!! Hopefully John isn't like Jim and doesn't decide to pull up your blog to show other people when you happen to have a rant on there. Ask me how I know about THAT particular situation...

  2. That is hilarious!!! I had a friend, who for her shower, received a gigantic deli meat slicer from her mother in law. As the designated gift/card organizer, I struggled to keep from cracking up, until his mother announced (not so quietly) 'guess who my gift is for?!?!?!' At that point, my laugher turned to an evil stare, and I knew, the slicer was really to help stuff nitrates into her already fat ass!!!!!! gifts are for all. but he is welcome to the couch, or you could wrap yourself in the sheets and cut out a hole, like that religious group!