Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Knitting, Better than a Sorority

So, I've been knitting for a little over a year now... And joined Ravelry shortly thereafter. It seems as though in the past few months I've come out of my shell a bit on Ravelry and I've started to participate in groups, post comments, and interact with other members. Ravelry and knitting are exactly like a sorority, only better!

I was in a sorority in college - and while at the time it was ok - it doesn't seem to meet my needs as an adult. I have tried a few times to stay active within the sorority's graduate chapter, but I can never quite make the full commitment. Knitting, though, well the only thing I'm committed to more than knitting is probably John :-)

I love all of the yarn, fibers, new techniques, and patterns. Knitting provides an endless world of exploration and an even larger group of friends with whom you have something in common. Knitting is pleasant - and the people who enjoy it, friendly. It's amazing how when I have a question about a project that someone else has already completed how excitedly and how quickly they respond.

So, thanks to knitting, thanks to Loops for being so fantastic and making knitting seem interesting, thanks to Ravelry for creating an amazing network, and thank you to everyone who knits and shares :-)

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  1. Totally agree!! I love all the great friends I've made through knitting!