Thursday, July 21, 2011

Career Change

Since learning I was pregnant I was tormented with the decision of what to do once the babe arrived. I could see the pro's and con's of both sides... Stay home to raise our baby and be tasked with being personally responsible for each of her developmental milestones or send her to day school to let the professionals handle it. After all, they are all much more qualified than I in child development.

I decided to wait a few weeks after her birth to make such a decision as I did not know how it would feel staying home. At some point during the past 6 years I started to feel like quite the professional and at times thoroughly enjoyed working, earning an income, etc.

Each day that I have spent with her the past 9 weeks made it increasingly obvious of what decision I should make. By staying home I risk ruining her, but by sending her to day school I risk missing out on so much that I really do not want to miss out on. I read somewhere that if one does decide to stay home they will never regret the time spent with their child. I really agree with that statement - so, not to say how long I will stay home, but for right now it is the right decision. With that I resigned from my professional position yesterday. Bitter sweet, yes it is, but if I ever need reinforcement of the decision that I have made I will just ask Elaine to give me a little smile or a snuggle and that seems to make it all worth it.