Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And here we are, two weeks later....

I think it's been about two weeks since I last blogged. Life has been pretty status quo around here... Two weekends ago John and I played in my company golf outing. This is always fun for me because golf outing equates to new golf outfit :-) We did walk away with a trophy - and I know what you're thinking... 1st Place!!! NOT!! How about "most honest score" which equals worst score :-) All - in - all we had a fantastic time!!! I always like to look very LPGA'ish while losing!

I have finished the body of Scabbard and blocked. Will finish a sleeve this weekend and will post pics then. I also started the Bono Kimono and 28Thirty. The Bono Kimono will hopefully fit someone I know and make a nice Christmas gift, and 28Thirty is for myself, of course!

John is finally going to let me make him something besides golf club covers --- so we're going to go for the Cambridge Jacket from Best of Interweave Knits. I purchased the pattern yesterday and am currently contemplating what kind of yarn to use. Next fall (i.e. 2009), he should have a very nice sweater...

We only have 60 days until the wedding! And his wedding band arrives tomorrow --- so it's officially sinking in. In 60 days, I'll be married. I've only had a few freak outs about not receiving RSVP's yet (we did allow unti Nov. 9) and the decoration idea is getting to me. Tomorrow my god-mother and I are going to look at the reception space, which will hopefully provide some calm to my overly anxiety filled mood.

Oh, I'm enrolled in a sewing class, too --- oh, and the ballroom dancing class. I start ballroom dancing this Friday (with John) it is offered through the local community college and lasts 5 weeks. The sewing class starts next Wednesday and lasts for 4 weeks. Tonight I will post the items I've made thus far thanks to Last Minute Gifts --- a nice little needle holder book thing for Von to take to class (I want her to go in style) and some quilted coasters for another unsuspecting birthday victim.

Watch for: My Etsy shop! Everyone thinks I'm just dreaming but I swear I'm going to do it! just need to sew up a few more items so I have a full shop front!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I made a mistake? And here I was thinking that I was perfect...

Ok, so I thought I wanted to be creative and do something fun, so somewhere in my overly dreamy head I decided we should do our own wedding invitations... It'll be fine, right? I typed up the invitation as well as all of the inserts - sent them off to have them printed, and apparently on the 'Directions' card there's a damn mistake! I didn't notice this mistake prior to sending them out, but lucky me, my mother-in-law to be told us about it this evening.
Of course I am mortified; am comtemplating sticking my head in the hand somewhere because I cannot bear that I made a mistake, or rather did not notice a mistake and sent it out to 125 people that way! Hopefully people will just overlook it and not mention it again. They have to know that such a mistake would mortify any bride only 75 days to the wedding... Ugh! I guess I will just remind myself I'm human until I move on find something else to panic about.
Thanks, Von, for tell me not to worry about it! I don't know what I'd do without you, seriously!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wedding Flowers... D-U-N!

Ok, so the main purpose of the post, to publish photos of the lovely scabbard! With any luck I will have this completed within the next two weeks... Sheknitigans is taking a small break from the project because she is busily spinning her heart out! I LOVE her yarn! I have some on the needles, and as soon as I have more money - that isn't spoken for (thanks to the wedding), I'm buying more!!!

Today I spent the afternoon at my dear god-mother's house discussing wedding flowers - ugh! I am so glad that detail is out of the way! I did also pick up a gazillion yards of lilac organza that I will need to craft into table overlays for the wedding reception - the sooner the better. It really seems these details can get you down on wedding stuff. We have a priest scheduled and the honeymoon booked, what more does a girl need? Oh -- dress fitting, flowers, bridal luncheons... Make-up appointments, and the list drones on. I think I'm a little bored with the wedding details.

The cookie below... Well, I know you must think I made it for myself, because I do love myself, dearly, but that is from my beloved, John. I left him home sick for two days last week and on the second day boredom struck! I came home from work to this nice surprise... He's great, isn't he??

Well, more tomorrow... I meant to post photos of the Feb. Lady Sweater, but after deciding it doesn't hit at the hips quite where I want it to it got soaked and is stretched and drying on the bed... Maybe in 2-3 days!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike Strikes in Tulsa, Not So Much...

All week I've been anxiously anticipating what is supposed to be a rainy weekend thanks to hurricane Ike. I think we have received at least two phone calls today from people out of state asking about how much rain we've received... Not much. I was secretly hoping for an uncontrollable downpour so that I would be forced to stay in the house to knit and sew!

Scabbard is coming along quite nicely, I plan to try on and post pics tomorrow... And I will be posting pics of a completed, yes completed, February Lady Sweater. Buttons are on at all - now if this blasted weather would just cool to a nice 65 I may get to wear it!

We're going to the movies to watched Righteous Kill this afternoon which has been confirmed by my god-mother to be horrible, but John and my mom still want to see it. Don't ask me why??? I've read about people supposedly knitting in movie theatre's, I'm going to give it a whirl because I can't imagine sitting through 100 minutes of poor scripting.

Until tomorrow... When pics will come! Yes!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby Showers, I'm tired...

So today John and I helped with a baby shower. When I say 'helped' I mean prepared a lot of food and acted as paid help through the duration of the shower :-) It was a lot of fun, though... John graciously volunteered (part selfish because he loves to cook!) to make Spanakopita (spinach pies)... So he spent the morning rolling up close to 200 spinach pies... I asked him if he would do the same for our wedding reception at which he responded with a "No." What's up with that?!

Yesterday I spent the bulk of my day knitting... For myself :-) So last night at about 11:00 p.m. I figured I might actually want to finish the gift for the shower... Today --- and popped out one last baby bootie. I attached the pom-poms, left off the bows because we're unsure of what the expecting couple is having and even managed to pump out a nice bib :-) I'm officially exhausted --- will spend the rest of the evening try to mentally prepare for boot camp which starts at 5:45 a.m. - Monday!

I have cast on a rather lovely Scabbard sweater (that's the thing I can't put down!) and am happy to say it's actually coming along quite nicely! I'm about 25% finished, I think, but before I can merge the body cables will need a lesson from Sheknitigans! I can read the pattern, but, unfortunately, it does not make much sense to me...
Off to the couch I go, will revisit Scabbard tomorrow!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I was TAGGED!!

I've been tagged for the 6 quirky things meme by Sheknitigans!

The rules:
1) Link to the person who tagged me
2) Mention the rules
3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself
4) Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them
5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged

The meme:
1) I was adopted when I was 2-3 weeks old. That fact is still being debated between my parents and I.
2) I like to touch my feet and smell my hand to see if they stink. Gross, I know :-)
3) I LOVE country music... And listen to NPR on my way to work.
4) I'm a down to earth kind of girl ~ yes, that was me in the baseball cap!
5) I love tattoos - and have four total, only one is visible...
6) Although I seem to do well in the corporate world, I am definitely trying to find a way to craft full-time!

I tag :