Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And here we are, two weeks later....

I think it's been about two weeks since I last blogged. Life has been pretty status quo around here... Two weekends ago John and I played in my company golf outing. This is always fun for me because golf outing equates to new golf outfit :-) We did walk away with a trophy - and I know what you're thinking... 1st Place!!! NOT!! How about "most honest score" which equals worst score :-) All - in - all we had a fantastic time!!! I always like to look very LPGA'ish while losing!

I have finished the body of Scabbard and blocked. Will finish a sleeve this weekend and will post pics then. I also started the Bono Kimono and 28Thirty. The Bono Kimono will hopefully fit someone I know and make a nice Christmas gift, and 28Thirty is for myself, of course!

John is finally going to let me make him something besides golf club covers --- so we're going to go for the Cambridge Jacket from Best of Interweave Knits. I purchased the pattern yesterday and am currently contemplating what kind of yarn to use. Next fall (i.e. 2009), he should have a very nice sweater...

We only have 60 days until the wedding! And his wedding band arrives tomorrow --- so it's officially sinking in. In 60 days, I'll be married. I've only had a few freak outs about not receiving RSVP's yet (we did allow unti Nov. 9) and the decoration idea is getting to me. Tomorrow my god-mother and I are going to look at the reception space, which will hopefully provide some calm to my overly anxiety filled mood.

Oh, I'm enrolled in a sewing class, too --- oh, and the ballroom dancing class. I start ballroom dancing this Friday (with John) it is offered through the local community college and lasts 5 weeks. The sewing class starts next Wednesday and lasts for 4 weeks. Tonight I will post the items I've made thus far thanks to Last Minute Gifts --- a nice little needle holder book thing for Von to take to class (I want her to go in style) and some quilted coasters for another unsuspecting birthday victim.

Watch for: My Etsy shop! Everyone thinks I'm just dreaming but I swear I'm going to do it! just need to sew up a few more items so I have a full shop front!!

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  1. Best wishes for your hopes and dreams and in that you do.