Monday, September 15, 2008

I made a mistake? And here I was thinking that I was perfect...

Ok, so I thought I wanted to be creative and do something fun, so somewhere in my overly dreamy head I decided we should do our own wedding invitations... It'll be fine, right? I typed up the invitation as well as all of the inserts - sent them off to have them printed, and apparently on the 'Directions' card there's a damn mistake! I didn't notice this mistake prior to sending them out, but lucky me, my mother-in-law to be told us about it this evening.
Of course I am mortified; am comtemplating sticking my head in the hand somewhere because I cannot bear that I made a mistake, or rather did not notice a mistake and sent it out to 125 people that way! Hopefully people will just overlook it and not mention it again. They have to know that such a mistake would mortify any bride only 75 days to the wedding... Ugh! I guess I will just remind myself I'm human until I move on find something else to panic about.
Thanks, Von, for tell me not to worry about it! I don't know what I'd do without you, seriously!

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