Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wedding Flowers... D-U-N!

Ok, so the main purpose of the post, to publish photos of the lovely scabbard! With any luck I will have this completed within the next two weeks... Sheknitigans is taking a small break from the project because she is busily spinning her heart out! I LOVE her yarn! I have some on the needles, and as soon as I have more money - that isn't spoken for (thanks to the wedding), I'm buying more!!!

Today I spent the afternoon at my dear god-mother's house discussing wedding flowers - ugh! I am so glad that detail is out of the way! I did also pick up a gazillion yards of lilac organza that I will need to craft into table overlays for the wedding reception - the sooner the better. It really seems these details can get you down on wedding stuff. We have a priest scheduled and the honeymoon booked, what more does a girl need? Oh -- dress fitting, flowers, bridal luncheons... Make-up appointments, and the list drones on. I think I'm a little bored with the wedding details.

The cookie below... Well, I know you must think I made it for myself, because I do love myself, dearly, but that is from my beloved, John. I left him home sick for two days last week and on the second day boredom struck! I came home from work to this nice surprise... He's great, isn't he??

Well, more tomorrow... I meant to post photos of the Feb. Lady Sweater, but after deciding it doesn't hit at the hips quite where I want it to it got soaked and is stretched and drying on the bed... Maybe in 2-3 days!!

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  1. OMG that cookie is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.

    And the sweater looks gorgeous on you, you know I love it though :)