Saturday, October 4, 2008

Welcome, Miss Ella Thummel!!

Today, folks, we are welcoming Miss Ella Thummel into the world! She was born to Sarah and Bill Thummel. They've been anxiously anticipating her arrival and the wonderful opportunity to be parents! John and I have not had the opportunity to meet her yet, but hope to get to the hospital tomorrow. I made her a little blankie --- I sure hope that she likes it!

Tonight John and I are just lounging around... I feel like I am swamped at work lately, so much so that I brought my laptop home this weekend! I should be doing work - but tonight, I'm going to be selfish and do things that I want to do! I'm hoping to sew a bit more and get some items for my Etsy shop that is in the making... But with everything going on I am lacking on time. The wedding is officially 8 weeks ago - shower invitations are out, and we've started receiving gifts. With gifts come 'thank you' notes :-) It is difficult to write 'thank you's' to someone you've never met. I try to let a little of my personality out in the note - but I am secretly afraid they'll think I'm a dork and take it the wrong way! Ohwell, such as life :-)
Next week I start sewing class with Von. I've made her a small book for her 'pins and needles.' I definitely want her going to class in style! I've added photos, but clearly have not mastered this technique because they are scattered about the page.

John and I have also start dance class -- Friday evenings. That's a long road for sure. I think next week I'm going to try a glass of wine before class.

Maybe more tomorrow... Oh, here's Scabbard after a soak. I really should finish the sleeves...

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