Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am not much for blogging lately because I cannot think of anything profound or smart to say ~ imagine that! So we are just going to freestyle here. From my head to fingers - this is for you!

I seem to be a bit obsessed with my current employment predicament, because although I've not been able to plan much in life, my education and job security has been something that I've had a pretty good handle on. I'm a busy body - ask anyone who knows me - and the thought that my future may not be as busy is exciting and very, very scary all in the same.

I often joke with my husband about taking a break or become a kept woman... Stay at home wife - that is my calling! Yet I find myself day in and day out searching for whatever it is that the future may hold for me. I have endless ideas that are constantly racing through my head. Sew full-time? Stay at home mom? HR Professional? LPC, maybe? Pursue the doctoral degree that I've been talking about for 5 years? I just don't know. As my parents would say, the answers will come. In the meantime, that does not stop me from searching for them.

I have been sewing like mad, which is a nice distraction from everything. There will be another shop update tonight (adding 5 large fortune cookies) so if you are in the neighborhood and want to stop by, please do. You are always welcome!

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  1. I read this post a while ago but didn't respond - I think it's exciting that you have so many possibilities open to you - one door closing, another opening, and all that. It will be fun to see which direction you decide to go!