Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life Update!

It has been almost one month exactly since I last blogged so I figure I better get with the program! Someone asked me a few weeks ago why I had not updated the blog - and I believe my response was, "I've just not had many positive things to say..." This is not wholly true, so I am going to try and do better!

We are still here - hanging out in Tulsa, OK. Our house officially went back on the market one week ago today. We are excited and hopeful that it will sell quickly because honestly, I'm just not great at keeping all of the yarn and sewing stuff put away! I like to spread out and see what I'm working with - one of the reasons for the move - I need my own room.

Additional to that tidbit of news we have also been doing some planning and decision making. I hate making decisions and I think I say this every time I am faced with any kind of 'real' decision... You know, something outside of what are we having for dinner? My job situation is still a bit shaky so we are planning for sudo unemployment. I am actually going to try working at the yarn shop part-time and sewing! RoseKnits has been doing well and doing fun hobby stuff seems, well, fun right now. This will allow me to stay home and raise our kiddos whenever they get here - and I am dreaming of thumbing through cookbooks and preparing excellent dishes for John!

I am quite petrified of these 'decisions' (and I know I can change my mind and always look for something corporate, right?)... What if I am a horrible SAHM? What if I am unemployable once my kids return to school? And the biggest concern, what if I hate sticking to a budget!!? I purchased my first book yesterday on staying home and how to return to work afterwards... ha! ha! And John says I'm not a planner...

This weekend I will be working at my first official fiber / craft show, Fiber Christmas! Tomorrow is my last sewing day - I should have around about 100 bags!!! Yay! And a few other goodies to take! I am uber excited!!! And will surely take pics and let you guys know how that one turns out!!

Until next time... Which will hopefully be tomorrow!

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  1. You can do eeeeeet!!!! :-D Can't wait to see the pics from the craft show too!

    Regarding the budget thing...I swear by Dave Ramsay's book, "The Total Money Makeover." It's the only thing that kept our heads above water while JP was unemployed, and I still am meticulous about our Excel spreadsheet budget.