Friday, July 31, 2009

Hangin' in the Heights

So this is our third day in the lovely New York... Well, this afternoon we actually migrated to New Jersey. Yesterday John and I went on the 'Circle Line' which was a 3-hour boat tour around the city! It was a lot of fun aside from the very hot and muggy day. I definitely have some very non-complimentary tan lines as a result. After that we made our way back to the apartment... I wanted to be a champ - walked all the way to the Circleline - 3 miles - and started walking back, but I ended up with 3 blisters... Cried uncle, and we got on the bus...

We went to dinner at a very quaint, Thai restaurant called Room Service. It was excellent ~ the best thing ~ tuna tartar as an appetizer. It was delish and I would gladly eat an entire platter for a meal any day!! After dinner we headed over to see 'In the Heights'! Very, very good musical! Upbeat! Loved the music, dancing, and the intertwined love story.

Today we went to Gray Dog for breakfast - DSW for shoes - Basilio's on Staten Island for lunch with Aunt Albina and then to the outlet mall! I was able to score some very cute onesies and whatnots that say 'little sister' and also an outfit for Miss Brynn in Michigan! We have since been lying around the house - I'm knitting, Marg's knitting, and John and John are watching television. Apparently 'How Its Made' and 'Cash Cab' are popular in households other than my own!

Tomorrow we are going to hit up some garage sales (Marg's new thing), scope out a sand castle building contest, and BBQ... I am also hoping to make some freezer paper stenciled onsies for Rita and John is going to help the other John put together the crib for the babe.

We have to save all of our other energies for Sunday when we're headed to the horse races for the ENTIRE day! We are set to arrive at 10 AM so we can get a good table... and the races will likely last through 7 PM! Trust, a lot of knitting will be done there as well...

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