Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reasons Why John is the Best Husband Ever!

Well, maybe he is not the best husband for you, but he certainly is for me! He knocks my socks off all of the time! Tonight, though, was a first for us... John always says that he is really proud of the sewing and RoseKnits and all of that good stuff :-D that is, of course, what husbands are supposed to say...

This July, in good 'ole Kelleyville, Oklahoma the third annual Fiber Christmas will be held ( I'm really nervous because the date is fast approaching, and like everything else in life, I don't want it to creep up on me! My 'goal' is to make 100 items to take to Fiber Christmas. I keep telling John that cutting fabric, ironing interfacing, etc. all takes time. Something I will surely have less of in the near future ~ so I really want to get crackin'! After dinner I asked him to iron on interfacing for, oh, 20 box bags... He did it!!! And after that, he turned about 10 handles or so... (I should have taken photos of this event - drats!)

I think he secretly enjoyed it so I promised him more fabric fun this weekend where we are going to have a sew-a-rama at our house! And this, folks, is the reason for today why he's the best husband ever!


  1. Fiber Christmas! I hope I'm in Oklahoma for that! It sounds awesome...let me know what other shows you will be appearing at so I can sneak them in my blog post on Monday....