Monday, May 4, 2009

How to Pimp Your Husband - Unintentionally, Of Course!

Hello Everyone! It's been awhile since I blogged... This week I am going to make an attempt to go 5 for 5. We'll see how that works out...

This weekend I spent time doing something that I'd not done in awhile. On Saturday while it was a rainy mess here (I promise it rained 12 hours on Friday - and Saturday morning John was still insisting that he was going to play golf <-- he did not... I digress, back to me!) since it was a rainy mess... I did what any girl would do. I went for a morning facial and then trotted off to Starbuck's and Loops to settle in for some knitting... When I say settle in, I mean it! I stayed at Loops from 11 AM - 3 PM. It was SO MUCH FUN! I thought, why have I not done this in so long? I made some pretty good progress on my pleated neck t. With any luck and a few lazy evenings that should be finished this week! I've not tried it on - so I hope that it all works out ok.

To the topic, though. How to pimp your husband! In case John sees this, I say this lovingly and with a bit of humor. By writing this, I am totally risking John never helping me untangle another ball of yarn - again - ever! He may not want people to know of his secret untangling powers...

Last week I was chatting along with RobinM. She was telling me about all of the goodies that she purchased at Stitches South (I'm not jealous) and she purchased a skein of ribbon yarn that just kind of blew up when she opened it. Ribbon yarn is slick and tension must be maintained while winding it... It seems like it would be really cool to use - but a mess to wind up. It has to be hand wound.

So I started bragging about how wonderful John is at untangling yarn and how he always keeps a lot of my yarn clear of the trash can. I offered Johns services to her... Totally pimped him out! Well, Robin, being thoughtful as she is, included some lovely fabric in the box of yarn (the fabric was clearly for me). Definition of pimping: offering someone elses services for personal gain. So, you can see I pimped the hubs.

Let us remember, though, that Robin is thoughtful... When John's golf surprise arrived Saturday morning he untangled the yarn with enthusiasm I have never quite seen while untangling yarn (note to self: keep golf rewards on hand when faced with tangled yarn). Needless to say - yarn is all untangled and will go in the mail on Tuesday back to the rightful owner!

Here is a quick pic of the fabric that Robin sent (thank you!!) and the pattern that I plan to use with said fabric.

Hope you guys have a Happy Monday and I look forward to talking more tomorrow...

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  1. That fabric will look great in that pattern!! Glad he liked the golf card too. Thank John again so MUCH for doing this!!