Monday, April 27, 2009

Book 2 and a Weekend Recap

My first book to actually finish on the Kindle was The Reader. I have now, happily, completed a second book! This time I read Cane River. Initially when I started this book, I was not too sure. It was only when I restarted the book that it truly peaked my interest.

Some may say, "Two books in two months... Annie, what are you really acccomplishing here?" But let us recall that I suffer from a severe case of ADD and two books is in addition to sewing, knitting, trying to be a great partner and wife, and dabbling in multiple books :-) Surely you did not think that I limited myself to one book purchase at a time... Not me!

Also on my Kindle are The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Anna Karenina, and Dreams of My Father... I have a lot of summer reading to do! I am not sure how I will fair through Edgar Sawtelle, the book is a bit slow for me; I reserve the Monk for times when I need a pick me up - or a pep talk from someone who is not actually talking; Anna Karenina, I just downloaded that yesterday... It was $1.99, but from all of the characters that I can gather, I need to start that at a time when I can concentrate; and lastly, Mr. Obama... I think it helps that I can imagine his voice as I read the book. Awww, nice.

This weekend was a nice weekend at the Saltsman home. Friday night was the usual "do I really have to go anywhere since I worked all week?" John tricked me into buying Rachel Getting MarriedI?? or something of the sorts on pay per view, folks, we did not make it past thirty minutes.

This year I volunteered to be the survivorship chair for the Sand Springs Relay for Life through the American Cancer Society. While this is a very worthy cause, I do not know why I volunteered. I have anxiety any time I have to plan something that involves other people. We had a survivor celebration on Saturday... I will have to post some pics! It turned out well. We served frozen custard and chatted for just short of two hours. Saturday evening John and I doubled and dined at Oliver's Twist. It was good, but Jeremy's wife fired him from choosing any more restaurants. Next time we're going to hit up Doe's Eat Place where steaks are served up by the pound - you have to get there early because the one pounders go quick!

Sunday, we bummed around, I met my dear Vonchelle for coffee, did the grocery store bit, and cleaned house. I think this was a typical weekend, except John did not golf.

Hope you all had an excellent weekend!

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