Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Day in the Life...

Yesterday afternoon was the TU Conscious Consumer Marketplace event! Sales were minimal, but not non-existent. We did hand out some cards with the web address as well; it was fun because my girlfriends Angie and Vonchelle came to hang out and keep me company... Who doesn't like extra time with their girlfriends? Also, I was pleasantly surprised at my dear hubby - he helped me set up, stayed the entire time, and would run to the other side of the time whenever a wind gust would occur and blow something off of the table. He's great, isn't he?? I think so ;-)

Here's a photo of Angie and I right after setting up - we ended up having to anchor the stands to the table due to the wind. All in all, a great learning opportunity - and good time with friends!

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Today we are hosting a type of 'thank you' for our employees where we will cook their lunch; I anticipate this taking the greater part of my day! More to come tomorrow...


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