Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Read It Somewhere...

I always make fun of my mom because her latest thing is reading magazines on how to live better, live longer, more healthy, increase brain function, etc. Most conversations with her begin with... "I read somewhere..." After awhile I become annoyed because if she read it somewhere then by gosh darnit, there must be some truth to it! Imagine the humor this morning when I was putting on make up (I never do this) and so the conversation goes...

John: What are you doing in here?
Annie: I'm putting on make up...
John: Make Up (obvious confusion going on)
Annie: Yes, well I read somewhere... if you put on make up you will feel better.

So, today I wear make-up because 1) I have a telephone interview at 10:00 AM with a local community college for an adjunct teaching position. I applied quite awhile ago - and I was annoyed at the fact that I did not even receive a phone... Their minimum requirements are a bachelor's degree - I have a master's... And while I only have 4.5 years of HR experience, I have done some substantial things during that time - so I figure beginning HR class, right up my alley. I'm not sure that I am really interested anymore since I have been sewing so much, but I am glad that I finally received that phone call :-) 2) I have a grievance review meeting where we will be writing responses to some grievances... Work for me is a constant challenge - so I wanted to feel better about the meeting which is possible if I just feel better about myself...

Fake it 'til you make it, right? I am in the middle of 5 books right now... 1) Cane River - this one is moving rather quickly. I've completed 25% of it since yesterday at lunch time! 2) Dream of my Father by the lovely Barack Obama... Yahoo has an article today about his tax returns... He's made a bit of money on this book. Rightfully so, it's pretty good so far! 3) The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari - cross between self help and self actualization. I save this book for days when I need a pick me up... It always does the trick. 4) The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. This book is definitely on the back burner. It is moving a little slow for my taste. 5) The Fat Smash Diet. I will start this diet on Sunday. I've managed to escalate from my jeans being tight to plain 'ole not fitting. I have no desire to go up a pant size - so we'll see if we can smash enough fat in 3 weeks at least for the clothes to fit again. I understand it is a lot of veggies, rice, and limited meat. Will definitely let you know how it goes!

We owe all of this reading to the Kindle. God bless Kindle creators. And have a happy Thursday!


  1. I used to be an adjunct professor for an online university for about five years, after I got my first master's. I got very burned out by plagiarism and less than motivated students.

  2. Ha! Fake it till you make it...that's my personal motto! How did the interview go? Oh, and I got through half of Dreams From My Father before I lost it. I'm sure I'll find it sometime. :-) But I thought it was good. I liked that he wrote it before his political career.