Friday, April 17, 2009

Week In Review

Today is Friday and I have made it through yet another week at the good 'ole steel mill. I am not sure if it is my outside activities, my attitude adjustment, or indifference, but the past few weeks have actually not been that bad. This is a good thing because I can certainly think of days that I did not want to come to work.

It appears that it will be a pretty laid back weekend (my favorite!). Tomorrow we will be celebrating Earth Day at work where we will hand out 1600 Red Bud Saplings, water, and reusable shopping bags. In the past this has been a fun event. Little kids LOVE handing stuff out to people and we usually have our fair share of little kids running around the workplace at Earth Day celebrations. John will be golfing - so I am hoping to sneak home and sew for the remainder of the day. We may do a date night where he will pick the movie... Which means I pick the restaurant! I better make it good since we will be starting the FAT SMASH diet on Sunday!

Is it time for spring cleaning yet? I may try to do some of that this weekend as well.

Yesterday my girlfriend sent me a lovely text message that had TWO lines on it :-) They are expecting their second child... Their first child is only 5 months old - and they believe her to be 7-8 weeks into the second pregnancy. While she is stressed and in shock right now, I am so excited for her!!! And even more excited for me; my friends and family keep me in ample supply of babies... I get all of the pleasure and none of the pain... So, for now, I will continue to live vicariously through them and enjoy my uninterrupted nights of sleep and my body that is all mine, mine, mine --- !

Next week I promise to include some photos - you can only handle so much black and white... Or is it gray and white? Anyways, I will show my knitting WIP's. OMG!! Have you seen Scabbard? I loved this sweater, but wasn't crazy about the neckline. They now have a 'summer' version with a more simple neckline... After I finish a few things, I will definitely have to cast on for this in SILK! Treating myself... I'm good at that!

Have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. Love the laid-back weekends too! This weekend is going to be a "friend" weekend - tonight I have a "open house" at a friend's house for Partylite candles, Lia Sophia jewelry and Pampered Chef. Tomorrow Jim is playing golf and my friend Patti is coming over to pick out a dress to borrow to wear to a gala she has to attend and then we'll probably do lunch. Other than that, probably just dinner out with Jim on Saturday and lots of sewing!

    Oh, and I LOVE the summer version of Scabbard. One of the things I don't love about my winter version (pictured toward the bottom on the email she sent out, it's tan and 3/4 sleeve) is the stand up collar, so I actually want to make the summer version myself.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I know of a couple that got pregnant again when their baby was 3 months old, and he was born one year to the day of his big brother. Now that's crazy!!! I wish your friends the best of luck. They'll get through it! :-) Have a great weekend!!