Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We Always Get What We Need

I thought of adding this tidbit last night, but it really did not go with my dinner frenzy mess! I did mention that I was trying to increase advertising for RoseKnits. Well, one thing necessary to self promoting is confidence. Sometimes I find that I lack in that area, but often try not to let people know this. I believe in what I make, and I believe that I make quality products, but to walk up to someone and say, "Hey you should be interested in this because...." isn't really my cup of tea.

I mailed a package to another city - to a complete stranger - just to see if they would be interested in any of my products... She sent me the nicest e-mail (I have not been denied at this point) and said that she really thought that I did quality work!! From a complete stranger - vs. your husband - wow, what a compliment!

Some evenings or mornings when I am tired and may not feel like sewing at that moment, someone, usually a stranger, will believe in me or give me a compliment and that keeps me going. I am true believer that we always get what we need exactly when we need it!

Now... on to gathering paperwork for the auditors. It is that season, again! Have a good one everyone!


  1. Oh and I have to let you know it's KILLING me that I don't know what's in MY PACKAGE, that my clever children have squirreled away somewhere, (where or where did they hide it???)...April 29th will be the big unveiling and I shall post a pic along with a linkie to your etsy store!!! :) I can't wait...SIGH but I have to...

  2. Fake it til you make it, is what I always say. I try to always appear confident even if I'm not at the moment! But I do agree with you as well that we get what we need.