Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday! Would Anyone Like Some Freezer Paper?

Happy Friday! We have made it through another week together... And I think I have managed to blog every single day! Not always substantial, but hey, I showed up! I will be doing a special post on Mother's Day - yay! This morning I seem to be very excited, not sure why - but I woke up with the song in my head, "Let's Get It Started..." by the Black Eyed Peas. It quickly brought me back to the days of Jazzercise... Ahh, I digress!

I have loads of sewing planned for the weekend, may catch a movie with the hubs, and I am scheduled to volunteer with the Sand Springs Community Services tomorrow. The mail carriers are having a food drive and we will be weighing in and documenting food deliveries! I'm going to take some knitting in case the traffic is not constant.

The other day I was reading the blog A Peace of Presley, and she made some awesome freezer paper stencils. I googled it and decided that it would be a fun project for all of the impending babies in my life - oh and those that are currently in existence. Yesterday, on my afternoon trip to Wal-Mart, I picked up fabric paint, freezer paper, and loads of onsies! This is what I made last night...

And I plan to make a lot more this weekend, right after I have John cut out my stencils. He's a perfectionist (worse than me) and he'll do a much better job at cutting them out. I just want to prep the onsies and paint! I was telling my girlfriend, Sarah, about my new project and she asked me if I ever do... housework! Of course I do - but I am investigating hiring a housekeeper - only twice a month, though, to do things I don't enjoy.

Oh, and I can't forget your daily dose of RoseKnits! This is another "Large Fortune Cookie" that was posted in the shop today! I love the colors together... It's just HOT!

Hope you guys have a Happy Friday!!


  1. I love the colors and fabric of this fortune cookie, too! I agree- it's hot ;)