Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Well Sorted Plan

It can still be good, though, right? In the last blog I mentioned how John and I have decided to set forth and look for a new home together! As exciting as this is, it appears it is going to be a lot of work. When I moved into this house 1) it was just me and 2) I was moving in from a 700 square foot apartment and 3) I have the tendency to make some impulsive decisions at times so it really didn't take very long to get stuff done.

In 2005 I wanted to buy a house - I made an offer on ONE that I had seen (I had only seen ONE) and only when that deal did not work out I was forced to spend a Saturday with a realtor and picked another one that day. Not a big deal. This move, however, is going to be very, very different. 1) There are 2 people involved 2) We are trying to move roughly 1200 square feet into (with any luck 2500 square feet) and 3) my husband, God knows I love him, is extremely anal rententive. This is a good quality, I supposed, because it may provide some balance to my impulsive side.

We rented a storage unit yesterday - and I won't tell you how long that took - nor the discussion that transpired over what kind of lock was going to be used on the storage unit... At about 2 yesterday afternoon I received a spreadsheet with a list of.... "MLS Number, Who Recommended the Home, List Price, Address, School District, Pros, Cons..." Are you getting the picture here? I love, love, love the hubs, but he truly believes that a spreadsheet is the answer to everything!

Needless to say - I will try to enjoy this ride - and probably what keeps me sane is the idea that once completed, I will have my very own room for sewing and yarn storage. As I was packing up my yarn two nights ago (people who view the house may consider my yarn clutter --- we won't hold their ignorance against them) I promised my yarn that after it was forced to stay in a storage place in a rubbermaid tub (we at least sprang for climate controlled; John does not want me to have to replace all of my yarn) I would provide a proper, more deserved home for it the next time I unpack it. Here are some stash photos... Doesn't it look sad??

Funny thing... I only purchased on 32-gallon tub... When I came home John said, "You know that isn't going to fit, you may as well turn around, go back to Target and buy another tub. Why would you think all of that would fit??" Hehehe... I love him, yes I do!

Have a great day folks... Tomorrow... I will carry the Meme torch passed by Taryn.


  1. LOL on the spreadsheet!! I used to do stuff like that earlier on in my accounting career, before I got burned out. My hubby has gotten me to loosen up alot and go with the flow more, which has been good for me.

  2. ummm...that's a LOT of yarn Annie...I'm not gonna lie.