Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Uniquely Yours

Today I am sitting in my own form of anxiety. Thanksgiving is 2 days away, the wedding is 4 days away. I'm sure I'm forgetting something... And a comment made way back when still plagues me today! I'm worried that people who said they were coming aren't going to come. It's horrible. All natural, though, so I'm told.

To make myself feel better - no, I didn't buy anything :-) But, thanks to ravelry, I did scope out any local yarn shops close to where we are staying in Maui. I sent them to John with a secret in the subject line, "Things To Do in Maui..." I'm sure if it had said "Yarn in Maui" or anything related, he would not have given it a glimpse!

Yes, I found a local yarn store to visit while on my honeymoon. And for a minute today, it made everything else better.


  1. Definitely go to a yarn store on your honeymoon! It will definitely beat our excursion - snorkeling...I've never gotten sea sick in a yarn store;-)

    Congrats in advance on your wedding - and don't worry about people coming or not coming - the only thing you'll remember is your handsome man in a tux anyway ;-)

  2. Deep breaths...it'll be OK. If they don't show up, it'll be their loss. When I'm stressed, sometimes it helps me to think that either way, all the wheels are already in motion and it's happening despite anything I can do about it - that it's out of my hands.