Friday, November 28, 2008

Counting Down

Thanksgiving update... Thanksgiving did not turn out too bad after all. John's parents, sister, my niece, John and I went to my dad's house around 11:30 and hung out until about 3:00. After that we went back to our house to prepare for John's other sister and her spouse, as well as all of my brothers and sisters. I know, I'm crazy... We hosted Thanksgiving for 20 only 48 hours before our wedding. It was a long day. But in the end, I think it was worth it. Everyone brought something, so that was good... And John's mom was a tremendous help peeling potatoes, clean-up, etc.

Our neighbor's car alarm went off last night around 11 PM and he was not home. Guess what happens to car alarms when they are not manually turned off? They continuously reset! Sometimes until 3 AM. I'm hoping this means that after a long day of running around and handling last minute wedding preparations I am so exhausted tonight, that even through my own anxiousness, I crash.

I've decided to only take one knitting project on the plane. This means I may actually finish it. It's the Bono Kimono pattern from Loops, and it is for my mom's Christmas present. I can finish the hats for everyone else when we return.

Tomorrow I will be someone's wife - yikes! Keep us in your prayers, and I'll post pics when return!


  1. Best wishes and I am sure everything will be fabulous. The important thing is the marriage, not the wedding, anyway. I think taking one project is probably a good plan. It can get crazy with too many in the luggage. Have a great time!!

  2. Congrats Annie!!! Hope your honeymoon is fabulous!