Friday, November 14, 2008

A Monumental Week

Monumental, yes, I am not over exaggerating! If you read my blog the other day than you know that I am the proud new owner of an independently operated light switch!

Well, temperature, I forfeit no more. I jokingly whined, yes whined, that now that I have a light switch, maintenance could move the thermostat for me. Yesterday morning I arrived at work around 7:15 a.m. and what do I find? Two maintenance men waiting to move the thermostat from the nurse’s office to a common area that we can all have access to! Yippee!

Who would have thought that my whining 72 hours ago would have turned into actual production with results!

I might add that the nurse was not overly excited about this move, as expressed to my boss.

Knitting news… 28Thirty is progressing rather nicely since I taken off the sleeves. I cast on this morning for the Felicity hat using yarn that Sheknitigans sent as a contribution to the wedding  It is going to be beautiful! I am going to spend 4-5 hours getting my hair done tomorrow so I figured I should take something easy... I was planning to post pics, but someone stole my work camera…

I think tonight I will go celebrate all of this progress with a drink, dueling pianos, and some girlfriends!

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  1. What are you having done for your hair appt? Trial run for your wedding, or other stuff? Just curious.