Sunday, November 9, 2008

Monday, Here We Come!

This was a nice weekend, and productive - but, tomorrow is Monday! Monday's always come way too quickly for me, as I am sure they do for other's that get to return to work each and every Monday :-)

John and I did turn over some of the wedding reception decorations to my god-mother, rake the lawn, and almost finish the wedding program all this weekend! Productive, right? I also stitched up two nursing cover-up's for my good friend, Sarah! She was my first 'customer.'

I received the graphic for my Etsy shop ( although I only have 3 items listed to sell. I hope to post a few more between now and the wedding and get rolling full steam come January. My hope is to support my craft habits through Etsy. We'll see how that goes.

My breaking news for the weekend... We had a "Girls Night In" at Qianna's on Saturday and Nikki and I beat Qianna and Tonya at Taboo! A small feat for some, but seeing as though I've never been great at Taboo, this was a big win for me! Thanks, Nikki, for the constant encouragement throughout the entire game! And thanks to baby Kaelin for sucking all of mommy Tonya's brains out at the time of your birth (Tonya, I really don't know what this means for your hospital patients).

I believe I will now retire to the couch to work on the wedding shrug... The wedding is in 20 days - and, no, for the record, I cannot believe it!

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