Friday, November 14, 2008

Plantwide Emails

Often before I send out a plantwide e-mail I read it several times myself, and then pass on to my boss for review. I have a constant paranoia that I will misuse a word, forget a punctuation mark, or type something that could be misinterpreted by the reader on the other end.

Let's face it, I'm afraid people will find out that I am not really as smart as they may think I am, or I may just reconfirm to them how imcompetent I am. Either way, I loathe sending plantwide e-mails. And would like to keep my brains or lack thereof as private as possible.

Today was different. My boss was not there to reread my e-mail. And I had to deadline. Uggh! I confidently typed up my plantwide e-mail. Triple checked that what was communicated in the attachment was the same as what was communicated in the e-mail. I held my breath and pressed the send button.

Tonight when I checked my work e-mail I had already received two responses to my plantwide e-mail. The title of my attachment was "SOB Meeting" - short for State of the Business meeting... Well, it clearly was not interpreted this way! Ohwell, hopefully I gave people something to look forward to at the meeting, or something to say afterwards after they are provided a full on explanation of how the economy is impacting our business.

Son of a b*tch! Oh - and have a great weekend!

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  1. Too funny!!! I wouldn't worry about it too much.