Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And the Lights Come On... Finally!

I have worked with my current employer for almost two years now. It’s funny because when I took this job my boss told me, “Now keep in mind, the offices are scheduled to be remodeled soon…” Well, I bet you guys can guess when the offices were remodeled?! How about, they weren’t. It was supposedly on the plans for 2010, but given our current business state, I will not hold my breath for fear that I would pass out or suffocate!

My office is situated next door to the nurse’s office. Guess what we share besides a common wall and door linking our offices? A light switch! Our nurse has very private information in his office – supposedly – therefore no one can have access but him. This leaves me without thermostat control or a light switch! If he does not come to work, to gain access to either of these novelties, I have to call the guard to come unlock his door. I cannot tell you how many times I have come to work early (well, I probably could tell you because it isn’t that often) BUT to come into a dark office and have to call a guard and wait until you can have light – it’s a pain in the arse and can completely put a damper on your day – especially when you are in a hurry! I mean have you ever been sitting in your office – mid optimum productivity – and have your light turned off~! I have, every time someone gets a piece of dust in their eye and the nurse has to take a looksee. And then when you tell people that your light is connected to the nurse’s switch and they all feel the need to ‘test’ it. Like my bitching isn’t enough to know this is a fact. The friggin’ lights are connected.

My compromise. Climate control – I can do without. I just have a space heater that I usually run twelve months of the year. I have been begging and pleading for months with our maintenance supervisors to please, please, please install a light switch in my office. Isn’t this something that we should be entitled to – dare I say – to be productive employees? So today, my begging and pleading has paid off. I’m having a light switch installed.

So as I sit in my dark office while the maintenance men do their duties, I’m pleased to know that persistence does pay off and I am spending my last few hours in dark state that I am unable to control. In a few hours, folks, I will have light! That I can turn on and off at my own leisure.

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