Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Professional Student

Ever since I graduated with my master’s degree I have been contemplating returning to school, yet again, to pursue a doctoral degree. This urge comes and goes, and sometimes it is a bit stronger than others.

My Uncle, who fuels this urge by calling me to report the latest stats of hiring and placemat at his university, has not called for awhile. The last time he did call (and I think I was having a bad day at work) I rushed out to purchase GRE study books because I had decided at the very least I would take the test, make application, and let the chips fall where they may.

My friend, Andra, said the words again the other day – doctoral degree… Even though she said the words for her own benefit, I quickly latched on! I thought, maybe I will find a renewed enthusiasm for education of the book kind after finishing up with the wedding. After all, I will need something else to do to fill up my free time!

Who knows, maybe this time the GRE book has a chance of finding its way off of the shelf and into my tote bag to be lugged around side-by-side with the continuous knitting projects. I may take the test, make application, be accepted and become a student, again.

Even if I ultimately decide not to go, something inside tells me that I should make application. I would not want to spend life wondering whether or not I would have been accepted…

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