Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Picking Up Stitches - Not My Friend!

I went home last night on cloud 9 due to my newly installed light switch (which I didn’t even get to use this morning because the janitors left my lights on) and the anticipation of finishing, yes – I am finishing something, my wedding shrug! I finished the last few rows of K2P2 and trudged through a grueling sewn-off bind off (which terrifies me in itself - thanks for the instruction Coley :-)) --- I went to put on my shrug, and damn it if I didn’t pick up enough stitches! The shrug would probably fit my 12 year old niece... Uggh!

The yarn I’m using has beads in it, ugh, and the sewn-off bind off is a bitch to undo. I was ready to cut through the ribbing and start over with new yarn. To this John says, “what are you going to do if you don’t have enough left on the skein,” Well, duh, I’m going to buy more! At $40 / skein John is thinking NOT SO MUCH so he sat on the couch and took out the entire ribbed edge of the shrug and even pulled out my ball winder to make it into a cute little mini ball for me to start over with.

I sat and happily worked on 28Thirty, which was a far less messy task than my wedding shrug.

I will finish this shrug this weekend… Even if it means staying up late! You will have FO pictures Sunday evening.


  1. I never heard of the sewn-off bind off - that would be a new one to me as well! Are you using Tilli Tomas yarn? That's the only yarn I can think of that is that price.

  2. My DIC shrug that I just finished doesn't fit as I imagined it would either, but it's not bad looking either. I'm sorry you had to undo the ribbing -- but it's super cute John did it all for you!! What a sweetie! --nessarenee on rav!