Monday, April 27, 2009

Book 2 and a Weekend Recap

My first book to actually finish on the Kindle was The Reader. I have now, happily, completed a second book! This time I read Cane River. Initially when I started this book, I was not too sure. It was only when I restarted the book that it truly peaked my interest.

Some may say, "Two books in two months... Annie, what are you really acccomplishing here?" But let us recall that I suffer from a severe case of ADD and two books is in addition to sewing, knitting, trying to be a great partner and wife, and dabbling in multiple books :-) Surely you did not think that I limited myself to one book purchase at a time... Not me!

Also on my Kindle are The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Anna Karenina, and Dreams of My Father... I have a lot of summer reading to do! I am not sure how I will fair through Edgar Sawtelle, the book is a bit slow for me; I reserve the Monk for times when I need a pick me up - or a pep talk from someone who is not actually talking; Anna Karenina, I just downloaded that yesterday... It was $1.99, but from all of the characters that I can gather, I need to start that at a time when I can concentrate; and lastly, Mr. Obama... I think it helps that I can imagine his voice as I read the book. Awww, nice.

This weekend was a nice weekend at the Saltsman home. Friday night was the usual "do I really have to go anywhere since I worked all week?" John tricked me into buying Rachel Getting MarriedI?? or something of the sorts on pay per view, folks, we did not make it past thirty minutes.

This year I volunteered to be the survivorship chair for the Sand Springs Relay for Life through the American Cancer Society. While this is a very worthy cause, I do not know why I volunteered. I have anxiety any time I have to plan something that involves other people. We had a survivor celebration on Saturday... I will have to post some pics! It turned out well. We served frozen custard and chatted for just short of two hours. Saturday evening John and I doubled and dined at Oliver's Twist. It was good, but Jeremy's wife fired him from choosing any more restaurants. Next time we're going to hit up Doe's Eat Place where steaks are served up by the pound - you have to get there early because the one pounders go quick!

Sunday, we bummed around, I met my dear Vonchelle for coffee, did the grocery store bit, and cleaned house. I think this was a typical weekend, except John did not golf.

Hope you all had an excellent weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Day in the Life...

Yesterday afternoon was the TU Conscious Consumer Marketplace event! Sales were minimal, but not non-existent. We did hand out some cards with the web address as well; it was fun because my girlfriends Angie and Vonchelle came to hang out and keep me company... Who doesn't like extra time with their girlfriends? Also, I was pleasantly surprised at my dear hubby - he helped me set up, stayed the entire time, and would run to the other side of the time whenever a wind gust would occur and blow something off of the table. He's great, isn't he?? I think so ;-)

Here's a photo of Angie and I right after setting up - we ended up having to anchor the stands to the table due to the wind. All in all, a great learning opportunity - and good time with friends!

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Today we are hosting a type of 'thank you' for our employees where we will cook their lunch; I anticipate this taking the greater part of my day! More to come tomorrow...


Friday, April 17, 2009

Week In Review

Today is Friday and I have made it through yet another week at the good 'ole steel mill. I am not sure if it is my outside activities, my attitude adjustment, or indifference, but the past few weeks have actually not been that bad. This is a good thing because I can certainly think of days that I did not want to come to work.

It appears that it will be a pretty laid back weekend (my favorite!). Tomorrow we will be celebrating Earth Day at work where we will hand out 1600 Red Bud Saplings, water, and reusable shopping bags. In the past this has been a fun event. Little kids LOVE handing stuff out to people and we usually have our fair share of little kids running around the workplace at Earth Day celebrations. John will be golfing - so I am hoping to sneak home and sew for the remainder of the day. We may do a date night where he will pick the movie... Which means I pick the restaurant! I better make it good since we will be starting the FAT SMASH diet on Sunday!

Is it time for spring cleaning yet? I may try to do some of that this weekend as well.

Yesterday my girlfriend sent me a lovely text message that had TWO lines on it :-) They are expecting their second child... Their first child is only 5 months old - and they believe her to be 7-8 weeks into the second pregnancy. While she is stressed and in shock right now, I am so excited for her!!! And even more excited for me; my friends and family keep me in ample supply of babies... I get all of the pleasure and none of the pain... So, for now, I will continue to live vicariously through them and enjoy my uninterrupted nights of sleep and my body that is all mine, mine, mine --- !

Next week I promise to include some photos - you can only handle so much black and white... Or is it gray and white? Anyways, I will show my knitting WIP's. OMG!! Have you seen Scabbard? I loved this sweater, but wasn't crazy about the neckline. They now have a 'summer' version with a more simple neckline... After I finish a few things, I will definitely have to cast on for this in SILK! Treating myself... I'm good at that!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Read It Somewhere...

I always make fun of my mom because her latest thing is reading magazines on how to live better, live longer, more healthy, increase brain function, etc. Most conversations with her begin with... "I read somewhere..." After awhile I become annoyed because if she read it somewhere then by gosh darnit, there must be some truth to it! Imagine the humor this morning when I was putting on make up (I never do this) and so the conversation goes...

John: What are you doing in here?
Annie: I'm putting on make up...
John: Make Up (obvious confusion going on)
Annie: Yes, well I read somewhere... if you put on make up you will feel better.

So, today I wear make-up because 1) I have a telephone interview at 10:00 AM with a local community college for an adjunct teaching position. I applied quite awhile ago - and I was annoyed at the fact that I did not even receive a phone... Their minimum requirements are a bachelor's degree - I have a master's... And while I only have 4.5 years of HR experience, I have done some substantial things during that time - so I figure beginning HR class, right up my alley. I'm not sure that I am really interested anymore since I have been sewing so much, but I am glad that I finally received that phone call :-) 2) I have a grievance review meeting where we will be writing responses to some grievances... Work for me is a constant challenge - so I wanted to feel better about the meeting which is possible if I just feel better about myself...

Fake it 'til you make it, right? I am in the middle of 5 books right now... 1) Cane River - this one is moving rather quickly. I've completed 25% of it since yesterday at lunch time! 2) Dream of my Father by the lovely Barack Obama... Yahoo has an article today about his tax returns... He's made a bit of money on this book. Rightfully so, it's pretty good so far! 3) The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari - cross between self help and self actualization. I save this book for days when I need a pick me up... It always does the trick. 4) The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. This book is definitely on the back burner. It is moving a little slow for my taste. 5) The Fat Smash Diet. I will start this diet on Sunday. I've managed to escalate from my jeans being tight to plain 'ole not fitting. I have no desire to go up a pant size - so we'll see if we can smash enough fat in 3 weeks at least for the clothes to fit again. I understand it is a lot of veggies, rice, and limited meat. Will definitely let you know how it goes!

We owe all of this reading to the Kindle. God bless Kindle creators. And have a happy Thursday!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We Always Get What We Need

I thought of adding this tidbit last night, but it really did not go with my dinner frenzy mess! I did mention that I was trying to increase advertising for RoseKnits. Well, one thing necessary to self promoting is confidence. Sometimes I find that I lack in that area, but often try not to let people know this. I believe in what I make, and I believe that I make quality products, but to walk up to someone and say, "Hey you should be interested in this because...." isn't really my cup of tea.

I mailed a package to another city - to a complete stranger - just to see if they would be interested in any of my products... She sent me the nicest e-mail (I have not been denied at this point) and said that she really thought that I did quality work!! From a complete stranger - vs. your husband - wow, what a compliment!

Some evenings or mornings when I am tired and may not feel like sewing at that moment, someone, usually a stranger, will believe in me or give me a compliment and that keeps me going. I am true believer that we always get what we need exactly when we need it!

Now... on to gathering paperwork for the auditors. It is that season, again! Have a good one everyone!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thought for the Day

I have not blogged in 9 days *gasp*! The truth is, I have thought about it often, but have not sat down to do it... Life, it always gets the best of us. The last glorious occasion that I had something humorous to say - oddly enough everyone does not share my darling sense of humor - was last Thursday.

Friday was a holiday for our plant so Thursday (hold your breath... wait for it... wait for it...) my boss let us go home EARLY! Yes, folks, I was headed to the Saltsman home at about 3:30 PM. Since I had the luxury of coming home early, and John was working late, I had the responsibility of preparing dinner.

When I spoke to John and he told me to "figure it out" my first thought was TAKE OUT! I've not had to prepare a meal in quite some time and when I do it is usually strategically planned and I have all of the ingredients and tools in place. I am not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of cook girl - it takes thought for me. Back to John telling me to figure it out... It sent me into a frenzy! I scoured one of our 100 cookbooks and ended on the 4 ingredient recipe book. Certainly we had four ingredients of some kind in this house to come together to resemble a meal.

We ended up with chicken breasts marinated in soy sauce and orange slices, couscous (5 minute preparation), and corn (the steamfresh variety). It was ok - not Bobby Flay worthy, but John worthy. He ate it, complimented me as any good husband should, and we went on with our evening.

The majority of my free time as of late has been spent sewing my little fingers off! I start advertising for RoseKnits in May and want to make sure the I am stocked full of great stuff! I am also going to attend an event next Wednesday at the local University and hope to make some sales. The yarn store order - it is due on May 1. I, of course, like any overachiever would, would like to deliver early... So the rest of the week and weekend will be spent finishing up that order.

It is fun, it is good, and I am happy. That is the important thing, right? Oh, John is happy, too <--- mainly because I am happy.

Until next time...

Friday, April 3, 2009

And It's Friday!!

Well folks I've made it through the week and this morning I will set out to enjoy my last few hours of the Employment Law seminar. It has been a good week and I think I am refreshes on most laws affecting the HR profession today... *Sigh*

The most exciting part of the week I will have to say was finished Snezi! I wish I had a camera because I love, love, love the shrug! Very simple and very cute. I am also on the skirt part of the summer cardi I've been working on - will be great knitting for the plain seeing as though I have 12 inches of stockinette stitch to carry me home... How do I get myself into so much stockinette?

John and I will be going to Detroit in June for a 'wedding celebration' with his family. I believe he said we are having an open house at his parents house with catering, etc. I think I should make my dress and shrug for this event, what do you think? Lucky for me RobinM posted a host of cute summery items - I will have to decide on one and set out to get the pattern!

The Hot Loops party is tomorrow night - yay! And my Knit Kit is in as well... Oh what a wonderful weekend this will be... After I get through the dreadful airport travel :-)

Happy Friday everyone!!