Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just Another Day...

Today is not just any day, it is my husbands 31st birthday!!! Yay, John! Happy Birthday, sweetheart! If you haven't taken the hint by now, John is the best husband ever, and as I like to tell him, he's my favorite yet! ;-)

We have had another one of our usual busy days and busy weekends for that matter... and my sewing machine broke down on me! I'm trying to be a bag maker, build a mini-empire and the sewing machine is on the fritz... how's that for luck?

I am now on the fence ~ so I go buy a quick replacement tomorrow so not to slow progress this week and shop it out for a few months to buy the 'great' machine - or - do I try to squeeze in shopping for the great machine next weekend and take this week off of sewing? I'm definitely leaning towards option #1.

Tonight I added some new zipper / notions pouches to the shop and plan to add wristlets this week ~ provided I go with option #1. Check us out!

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