Friday, September 4, 2009

House News, Life News, and News News

Happy Friday and even happier that this is a 3-day weekend! Oh, Labor Day, how I have been longing for this occasion where I don't have to go to work - anywhere - for three whole luxurious days!

Any other time I would have taken advantage of such an occasion and planned lots of sewing and knitting - but not this time. This time our house is on the market. This time, our neighbor listed their house - directly across the street - for $100 less than our house. They have taken months and refinished wood floors, put up new privacy fences, and painted the house neutral colors. So, this time, we are painting our bedroom and our computer room neutral colors. I will likely not be doing too much sewing or knitting (just a little, though).

I don't know, though, I should maybe thank them for listing their house because our house has been viewed a record three times this week! That's more than the entire time it has been on the market!

This morning I was on channel 6 news (broadcast on CW12) standing right next to Ms. LeAnne Taylor showing off some RoseKnits bags! A smart business lady does not turn down free advertising no matter how petrified she is of talking to people, in front of people, and especially on television (in front of lots of people). I made it through without doing anything too totally embarrassing and I think I only stuttered and stammered in the beginning! Yay! We'll overcome that public speaking phobia yet.

I have started a blog collaboration with Amby of Julip Bags and Kristi of Reddogknits. The blog is called The Boss Knits and is intended to provide lessons learned and some funny passages along the way of being business owners of our own crafty empires! Many expect that Amby and I would not be such great friends since we are both making bags - and each can be viewed as competition - but we're actually quite the like and enjoy sharing ideas, successes, and gripes all the same. You should definitely check us out!

Ok, that's enough for today... I may try to post some new stuff tomorrow!

Peace out and have an awesome holiday weekend!


  1. That's super exciting about the news interview!

  2. Why did I not know you were on TV??! You are very private with me and I don't like it. You know I have no life and have to life vicariously through you!