Saturday, August 1, 2009

Eye of the Tiger

This is complete silly, Annie type trivia. When I was growing up, my sister closest in age Casey, had a favorite movie. Her favorite movie was When Peggy Sue Got Married... My favorite movie was Rocky IV. Not just any Rocky - Rocky IV. Let's get specific here, folks. To this date, it is still one of my favorite movies. So much so, last year or the year before - John bought me the Rocky box set as a Christmas gift! I was pleased as punch, let me tell ya! I even make him sit on the couch and watch Rocky just about every single time it is on television! My favorite scenes... When Apollo Creed performs with James Brown right before being beat to a bloody pulp by the Russian... My second favorite scene... When Rocky is training in Russia, prior to avenging the death of the dear Apollo Creed.

Ok, that's my only fun fact for the day!

Today we putzed around in Spring Lake Heights, Avon, and Ocean Grove. I've half decided I should move to Ocean Grove and open a yarn store (forget the fact that I did not notice ONE SINGLE open store front). It's such a quaint little town with lots of fun eateries and shops. It would be fun... In my dreams! Baby sister Rita also did some twists and turns for me today! I've never felt a baby in the stomach so I was very fascinated by this event! I think I've asked Margaret to pull her dress taut several time since just in case I can see Rita making more moves! Margaret, of course, patiently obliges.

We are currently looking over the picks for the horse races tomorrow... So far I'm going with Summer Bird and A Rose for You <---or something like that... I only hav 12 more races to pick for!!!

More to come later... I'm sure of it!

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