Monday, August 17, 2009

Waking Up is Hard to Do

I am incredibly sleepy this morning ~ and it is becoming more and more evident to me that I just cannot do everything. This Saturday I went to the hairdresser at 6 AM, worked at Loops from 9:45 - 5:00, and went on a date with the hubs at 7:00. Sunday ~ house hunting began promptly at 9:00 AM and I then worked at Loops from 1 PM - 5 PM... After that we had my mom over for dinner ~ and I got in some knit time and cutting / prep work for sewing. Today ~ I started at 5 AM. Will work the day job until 5 PM and work at Loops until 8 PM. I'm pretty sure I should do some sewing when I get home before bed.

This sounds like a complaint, right? I'm not complaining, really. I love everything I'm doing. Just wondering if I am doing too much at the moment! I did reward myself with a coffee from Starbucks this morning ~ 4 shots of espresso ~ just the way I like it! Too bad it has little effect. I'm off for my second cup of coffee and will hopefully find something along the way to keep me motivated!

Happy Monday and I hope you have a great week!!! Look for more Bag Buddies in the shop tonight!

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow - you DO have a full plate! But it's all good stuff; you know what they say -- busy people get more done!

    And 4 shots of espresso?! You're hard core!