Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spreadsheet Anyone?

Depending on how often you read this, or how often I manage to write, you will sometimes see my incessant rambling about my husband and his spreadsheets. In the words of John, Spreadsheets are the answer to everything! And he truly, truly believes this...

Example: John goes to Denver, CO (very cool place, I hear) on business... He visits friends from high school or college (I can't remember)... I anxiously await stories of catching up, cool restaurants, bars, something that 30-year olds do... Not my husband! He instead fills me in on how the office where he was working uses Excel 2007!!!! Excel 2007, people! This isn't just any 'ole excel program, this program holds One Million line items! We're both nerds in our own way, so this is ok. I'm sure he enjoys hearing about yarn textures, fibers, colors, etc. and my latest bag idea...

Today, I have a new appreciation for the spreadsheets. You may also know that we have been house hunting. Why? I don't know, because in one month only ONE person has looked at our house so if you ask me today, I doubt we'll be purchasing another home anytime in the near future... But, hey, I guess stranger things have happened. At any rate, I digress. Since we have been house hunting for one month we have looked at and liked a lot of houses. As you can probably guess, they are neatly organized in a spreadsheet. MLS#, Address, Stats, Subdivision.... Well he added a column with a hyperlink to the house page!!! LOVE THIS FEATURE!!! This feature has given me a new appreciation for my husband's spreadsheets!!!

And onto RoseKnits news... I have a new bag idea brewing in my head! With any luck, I'll have one in the shop tonight!!! Stay tuned... Also, if you are a RAVELER - join our group 'RoseKnits'! For the month of August all group members who 'refer a friend' to join the group will be entered into a drawing with their friend for a bag out of the shop! Who can pass that up??


  1. I can only assume you meant Excel 2007...yes I am a spreadsheet nerd just like your husband!

  2. I love the spreadsheets too! I use one as my food log - also used to use one to track yarn before Ravelry - now I use the export feature from Ravelry to get my stash listing in Excel form!