Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fearless Knitting

I have always admired the fearless knitter. The person who will try a new pattern or technique - the person who uses yarn other than what is recommended and takes the time to calculate gauge should they want to use something different... The person who has the where with all to adjust as they go and know that fixing it is as easy as ripping back a few rows... This knitter is definitely not me! I need to follow the pattern, use the recommended yarn - or at least yarn that meets that gauge... I remember I knit a sweater, top down mind you, and I felt a bit more free when I put in just a few more waist decreases! That was living on the edge, people!

I purchased the pattern Moch Cardigan by Gudron Johnston today and am getting nervous as I think about using worsted weight vs. the recommended DK weight. I have so many worsted yarn varieties in my stash - sweater quantities - that it seems like a sin not to try and use them! I am going to drag out the calculator and do what I've never done - attempt to adjust the pattern... Heck, while I'm at it, I may even try to convert it to top down rather than bottom up!

On second thought, I'll only try one new skill at a time! I'll let you know what yarn we're using after I swatch!

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