Monday, August 10, 2009

A New Week and a New Bag!

I have been kind of MIA since we returned from NY. Two days after our return I had to have a quickie medical procedure - that didn't work - so I get to do that one again, UGH! I started working at Loops and I've been trying to keep RoseKnits updated... You get the picture, right? We're busy as heck! We also had scheduled to play in my company golf outing this past Saturday (100 degrees outside with 22 MPH winds) and had an open house yesterday (which meant lots of cleaning! I often ask myself if life ever truly slows down - and I'm beginning to think that it does not.

I have, admittedly, been on some kind of fabric frenzy and ordered A LOT of fabric last week... Somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 yards or so... And I'm still sittin on 20 yards that I've not cut into. Surely this will get me through the month - or year rather!

I did manage to add a new bag to the shop yesterday, we are calling this one the Bag Buddy! The bag measures 10" wide by 13" tall and it's perfect to toss in a project and toss in your larger bag! And it is priced right at $12!

Tonight and tomorrow night I'll be working at Loops and trying to figure out where the gym fits into all of this business! I am hoping to head over after I finish my shift (around 8 PM). This is out of the norm for me, but some times we have to try things out to see if they will work! Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

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