Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Writing A Short Story

We all have a story and what makes the story significant is the way in which it is told :-) Lately I have been working on a short story or a chapter, if you will, that will hopefully someday have a place in my novel (<-- better known as my life).

I have been selling bags on Etsy since January... Wow! I now have 32 sales which is pretty exciting... Last week I landed my first 'official' store order. My LYS has ordered 12 knitting / craft totes and 12 fortune cookies!!!! I cannot explain the excitement! And I think John is finally starting to take me seriously --- I have a lot of ideas, bless his heart. At this point I do not have any real intentions on this bag thing; it is more or less just done for the love of beautiful fabric, and the fact that a girl can only have so many bags... It also provides some additional funds for yarn.

I will be posting regular updates on RoseKnits (roseknits.etsy.com)... Because it is fun and it is all me!

Anyways, what are you guys writing about lately? What is going on in your lives?


  1. Good for you, Annie!!! That's so exciting.

  2. Congrats on the store order! That has to feel good!