Thursday, March 19, 2009

Babies Are In the Air!

One week ago today I made a post and John's little sister was in the hospital to deliver her first baby! By 4:30 that afternoon we were blessed with a beautiful baby NIECE - her name is Brynn Grace! Very amazing and very happy for them!

Last night, the phone call that I have dreaded since 2002 came. My birth mother who I met in 2001, called. She's 48 - and she's pregnant. 13.5 weeks to be exact. I have always been the baby in my family and an only child to her and now she's having a baby.

I'm quite sure I am still in the shock stage. I have felt more emotions in the past 12 hours, more painful than happy, than I ever care to experience. Once I have absorbed and come to terms with all of this I may try to explain how it feel to be in my situation and have this happen. My coming to terms will most likely take a long time.

On a happy note, it's Thursday - one more day until the weekend! Oh, and after work I am going to stand in line at a book signing by Sally Melville and Caddy Melville Ledbetter - their new book that is a mother - daughter collaboration is out!! Yay!! And Loops, my LYS, was lucky enough to host them for a book signing. When I told John about it he simply laughed. Here is where he's the good husband, though - I said, "Honey, remember, this is what I was saving my birthday gift cards for..." He replies, "I still think you should use your gift cardsd to buy yarn - pay cash for the book..." Oh, yes, yarn lovers - that comment sent me straight to heaven!!

Happy Day everyone!!


  1. So many babies in your life!! I love the name Brynn Grace ;-)

  2. Brynn Grace is a pretty name!

    I can't imagine all the conflicting feelings you must have about your birth mother and her new pregnancy. I hope you are able to come through all of this an even stronger person.