Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesdays with Annie

My patience of lack of is rearing its ugly head this morning! I consider myself to be of average intelligence. I think with effort and diligence most people can do anything they want to do. I truly believe that. My most recent happenings at work has required me to communicate with an HR person at another company. Regarding benefits (-Not my favorite HR topic).

Do you ever have conversations with people and you are saying that exact same thing and they cannot make the connection? Well that seems to be the case this morning.

Here is your insurance lesson for the day… Our companies have the same exact spouse work rule that states if your spouses company offers him/her medical insurance, they must elect that insurance as primary insurance. They can continue to be covered on the plan, but only as secondary. If they choose not to enroll in their companies insurance as primary, then they are no longer eligible for our coverage and they will be dropped from our plan. The argument: when we implemented the spouse work rule we did not force spouses off of our plan, we did not define a date in which loss of coverage would occur – we simply said, when your spouse has open enrollment, please do the right thing and have them enroll in their companies plan. The conflict: a particular spouse, after saying yesterday she missed her open enrollment period, had me speak with someone in their HR department today stating that they had no open enrollment. Hmmm… I guess I am skeptical because I dislike speaking with a persons ‘HR Representative’ that sits right next to them in the office. I think this can sometimes cause mistruths to be communicated.

Enough about work – if you’re still with me! Things have been busy at home, sewing, knitting, and trying to be a great wife like I aspire to be! I have a meeting this Thursday to show a local shop owner some of my bags – I am very, very, nervous. I do not do well with criticism (better get over that one and quickly) and the thought of standing there while having your objects inspected is just pure frightening! I am sewing up some special goodies for the meeting - will show those on Thursday – after the meeting!

I also intended to post the very cute Kimono Pajamas made from Amy Butler’s kiddo sewing book (can’t think of the title) but I forgot to upload them this morning. I will post those tonight. In newspaper, we used to say something about there being too much writing – not enough white space – and I believe this post is pushing those limits. Photos tonight!

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