Thursday, March 12, 2009

Old Man Winter Pays Oklahoma Another Visit!

In Oklahoma there is some saying about if you do not like the weather, just wait a few minutes?? At any rate, the past week we have seen spring and summer temperatures – lots of sun, thoughts of working in the yard and planning of what to plant for this year… Today, we are being serenaded with fluffy, white snow puffs. It is rather peaceful outside. Perfect weather for staying in the house; only it is a weekday, and grown ups do not get to stay in the house on weekdays!

This morning I had to visit the dentist to have some fillings replaced on both sides, so my entire upper lip and upper half of my face was completely numb. I am beginning to regain some feeling, thank goodness!!

An avid reader and co-worker, Ryan, turned me onto this book called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I initially started reading it to be annoying because I had the Kindle and could download it within seconds of him breathing the title (it took him a few days to get to the bookstore), and surprisingly, it is actually a good book. I think for me it is just what the doctor ordered right now. It speaks of positive thoughts and the idea that if you think something the body and reality will follow. Very, very good book that I would recommend for anyone that needs some uplifting words!

And let's end on a very happy, high note! John's baby sister, JoAnne, had a due date of March 3rd. This is the first baby in their immediate family... Well, she just was not budging so she was admitted to the hospital last night... I believe the plan is to induce labor - so we are hoping for a new niece or nephew by tomorrow! John and I may be out shopping this evening for goodies to send in a care package! Yay!

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