Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Don't Forget to Count Your Blessings

It was brought to my attention that I have not blogged in approximately one week! Some days I am feeling inspired, begin to write something magnificent, then my computer goes on the fritz and all inspiration leaves me.

This week has been an interested and somewhat sad week for me. I feel like I have, literally, been surrounded by death. On Monday morning when I came to work I walked in and blasted my usual overly chipper, “Good Morning, Tyler. How are you today?” This Monday, he did not look like he was doing well. Immediately assuming the worst, I thought *oh, sh*t, did I do something last week that I forgot about…* He quickly relieved me of my narcissistic thoughts, but only to share that one employee lost his son to cancer the previous Friday evening and another employee was killed in an accident Sunday evening. The son who died was only 21. Then on Tuesday we had another employee lose his mother. I literally feel like I am surrounded by death.

When faced with death, I think it causes us to reflect on things that we do not do on a more regular basis that we should because as demonstrated, time is not infinite. It will also cause one to count their blessings, because as bad as it may seem, it really could be worse.

So I hope that today you will take a moment to count your blessings – I have been trying to do more of that this week and limit my whining to the first 30 minutes of the morning – only after saying ‘thank you’ for having awakened from the night before.


  1. It's a good thing to remember, for sure. With my friends from the IRS being in this week, I have been doing a lot of complaining myself.

  2. It is really difficult to see other people suffering. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for the health and happiness of my friends and family. Thanks for the reminder!