Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh, the Holidays!

I have not blogged in, oh, say one week! But, who would have time! John and I hosted Christmas Eve and Christmas evening this year so we've been busy little bees in the kitchen! We did have the luxury of going to my step sisters Christmas morning ~ and all we had to do was sit back and relax! Overall, I would say things went well!

John and I set a 'limit' on gifts this year which I kind of liked. It seemed to cut down on all of the confusion and anxiety the usually accompanies the purchasing of gifts.

A reflexion on the year... and a confession. I believe it was in January or February when John and I went to mass at St. Mary's. On this particular evening our elder priest was presiding - and as he shuffled down the aisle John and I looked to each other and said, "Oh my, I hope the homily is good..." I believe the said priest is probably well over 80; most people that I have known to be well over 80 (which aren't many) are often grasping at words if they are able to formulate words. We sat - and we listened. His homily was amazing! So amazing that even today I remember that the overall message was, 'analysis is paralysis...' Ok. On to my point.

This evening we sat at mass... With the same priest. Only now we giggle with pure excitement when this priest shows up on the aisle. We know that whatever it is he is going to say, it is going to be good. And it is going to be something that we remember. Something that we use. Something worth reflecting on.

Tonight he spoke of families. And the characteristics that are gained by simply being a part of a family. Families, in comparison to factories, are messy. Things are not well kept. They are not clean. They are complicated. But in all of the complication we learn to forgive. We learn patience and if we practice family prayer - all will be successful!

Until next time...

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