Friday, December 19, 2008

Nature VS. Nurture

A question from yesterdays post, "Why?" My only answer to that is I am human. I made a mistake. I am not always nice - am sometimes cuttingly mean. I am a work in progress. I do know I will not say that to anyone again. So - while it was not right, I am glad I made the mistake now. And I am thankful that I had the opportunity to apologize.

The topic of Nature vs. Nurture is one that can be considered controversial - especially when referenced relative to adoption. I plan to research the topic more thoroughly - to provide opinions other than my own professional opinion :-) - so this may turn into a series of posts.

From where do our characteristics come? Are they taught and learned or are we born into our nature? Is there really one answer or does our person form as a combination of these things? To really explore this topic one has to be willing to be blatantly honest with ones self. As people, we have the ability to see what we want - to perceive things in such a way that is fitting to our own ideals. Example: I am adopted, look nothing like either of my parents - but often hear the comment, "I see the resemblance... You look like your mom, dad, sister, or brother..." It is the expected - or 'normal' - societal response. Children resemble their parents; or do they?

This topic is on my brain because I was told by my birth father that I share similarities with him, like it or not. That is okay with me. Really. There was a time when maybe it would not have been. He is intelligent. Well read. Well spoken. Oddly enough - while similar - we go through phases. Sometimes bumping heads and sometimes having head on collisions both driving 85 MPH foot off the breaks.

It is odd - but it is what it is :-) (John's favorite saying) To date there have been no fatalities - only concussions. We always recover - some scars left behind from the last collision. Eventually, one can hope, that the scars will heal and we are able to move forward. Slowly. We have been like this for five years.

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