Monday, December 29, 2008

A Post of Random Proportions

Just to prove to you that life is uneventful in the Saltsman home... This weekend I sat down and figured out how to make the super cute 'box bags' that everyone sells on Etsy! I guess I'm finally tired of the quart sized ziploc... Now I am obsessed! I LOVE them, though! Will be adding five to my Etsy shop this week...

We had the Thummel family over Saturday evening after mass... I always love hanging out with Sarah and Bill because they are plain 'ole good people ~ but when they bring baby Ella... Oh my! She makes my heart pump peanut butter! John will even hold this baby. She's beautiful, folks, with and without clothes!

Oh, for dinner that evening I thought I would woo John with my culinary skills. I made some foccacia bread from Lidia's cookbook. It looked beautiful, tasted wonderful, and even gave me an excuse to use our new food processor. After all the work I then remembered that we're married, and wooing is no longer necessary. Ah, everyone enjoyed the bread anyways!

On Dec. 26 I started on the baby blanket for Surprise Baby Zawislak (surprise being, they refuse to find out the sex). This seems to be trendy these days, surprise babies, and while I appreciate the surprise in everything, neutral colors are soo hard! John and I picked these out at the Loops after Christmas sale! I love it so far ~ hopefully I can manage to part with it at the end of January. I hope to finish this week so I can get started sewing the diaper bag...

And I think that's it until I have something more thoughtful... I hope everyone has a happy Monday!

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  1. Annie! Is your Etsy shop open yet? Send me the link!! And thank you for your kind words today - I'm trying to get over my thrisis!