Sunday, December 28, 2008

Marriage and Money

My husband is an accountant. I work in human resources. If you had to make an assumption based on this little bit of information, who would you bet on for being detail oriented? The accountant, right? Well, for some reason, my accountant husband trusted his human resources wife to balance the checkbook.

I have managed my own checkbook for oh, ten years. While I do not bounce checks, I do not claim that my checkbook is good to the penny. I prefer the 'round up' method. Well, managing the sheer number of entries from the use of two debit cards proved to be more than I could handle. When John looked at our checkbook he was utterly disgusted at the inaccuracy of the whole thing.

Over the break, John has spent only 5 hours or so reconciling our entries to the PENNY. Needless to say, my banking privelages have been revoked and all I am to do now is insert receipts into register for hubby record and balance. This is fine with me, really.

This may actually be a result of some very good advice that I received from Mrs. Sims. If there is ever something that I do not truly want to do, mess it up so bad that your husband has to spend his time fixing it... Then you'll never be asked or expected to do it again :-)

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  1. I too prefer the "round up" keeps me sane. You would think the person in our family with a degree in Mathematics would be in charge of finances, but due to his procrastination tendencies, it gets deferred to me. The positive side is that my purchases are never questioned. Sometimes that can be a very, VERY good thing! Ha!