Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Marriage Presents a Lifetime of Firsts

This is our first Christmas together as married people. We bought our first tree - a frasier fur. Not only is this our first Christmas being married, it is also our first Christmas together period. Last year we enjoyed our last 'single' Christmas' where John traveled to Detroit to be with his family and I stayed home.

John and I are clearly still in a state of wedded bliss, as we should be seeing as though we are only 2.5 weeks into this new gig, but everything we now do together is a first. Being married has presented many new opportunities for firsts. It feels like an undiscovered world to us - and as we navigate our way through our new lives together the opportunity is increasingly exciting.

As we begin this journey, and embrace the opportunity to have so many firsts - each one just as exciting as the last (we evidently haven't had any major 'first' married arguments yet) ~ I really am thankful that he is the one that I get to be with!

Here's a photo of our first Christmas tree!! More later...

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  1. I love your precious tree!! Yay for first Married Christmases...and knowing you'll never have to be the one at family gatherings that everyone is talking about..."When will that one ever find a husband? It's going to take a special guy to deal with that..." At least that's what they used to say about me!!